The Richness of the Co-Curricular Programmes at Wellington College Tianjin

As at Wellington schools across the world, here in Tianjin education goes far beyond the walls of the classroom. Whilst never losing sight of the importance of academic endeavour and achievement, Wellington College Tianjin provides a wide-ranging activities programme that reflects the school’s holistic approach to education. Vital aspects of the mission at the school are to encourage pupils to try new things, to help them stay physically and intellectually healthy, and to guide them in the discovery of lifelong interests and opportunities for self-expression. All these contribute enormously to the growth of truly rounded, balanced individuals, preparing them more fully for the world beyond Wellington. It is in the activities programme that many pupils find their passion and learn to develop new skills, be they intellectual, cultural or athletic. 

What are Co-Curricular Activities?

The school considers co-curricular activities courses and activities that are outside the regular daily curriculum and are designed to enrich pupils’ learning and to give additional support and depth to classroom learning. Often these activities do not come with any grades and exams and won’t affect the pupil’s academic score. The co-curricular activities will also allow pupils to participate in school team practice, like for example sports teams and debating and also to do rehearsals for drama and music performances. 

Wellington College International Tianjin

At Wellington College Tianjin co-curricular activities are generally divided into three categories: cultural, sports and academic, which includes music, art, languages, debating and many kinds of sports. Wellington College Tianjin highly encourages pupils to participate in activities from at least two of these categories, but preferably all three.

Benefits of Co-Curricular Activities

The co-curricular activities at this international school in Tianjin are designed to strengthen all of Wellington’s five core values in their pupils’ learning, behaviour and towards peers. These values are Kindness, Responsibility, Respect, Courage and Integrity. Through the activities, the children gain experience that can be applied in the real world and will form them into a whole person. This follows Wellington’s holistic approach.

A co-curricular programme has several benefits which enhance and develop a child’s personality. The pupil will have an increased general development and will be better prepared for any tasks to come their way. Participation in many different kinds of activities will boost the pupil’s self-confidence. They will also be challenged to do tasks outside their comfort zone. The programme also provides opportunities to work with new classmates, including pupils from different year groups and schools. Pupils choose new activities each term, this exposes them to many different and sometimes new activities. The teacher won’t pick the activities, which allows the children to choose activities they find interesting and fun. It widens their horizon and improves their all-around skillset. 

Wellington College International Tianjin

When participating in a school play or when joining a school sports team, the children improve their capabilities to work in a team, hence building a feeling of responsibility and belonging. Many of the Wellington values will be strengthened within an individual when they work together with peers in a team. The school’s co-curricular programme includes many activities that are focused on social responsibility, global citizenship and fostering leadership. During the co-curricular activities, pupils will go in-depth to learn more about a subject or develop a certain skill. This can increase their will to improve their skills in the future and through competition can stimulate their ambition. Learning a particular skill can be beneficial for someone’s future life and career. 

Wellington College International Tianjin

At Wellington, all academic staff put great emphasis on the physical and mental health of pupils. The co-curricular courses with meticulous care design can help to improve the wellbeing of the children. The activities teach a child their place in a group, their role and responsibilities, which improves one’s self-esteem and confidence. If a pupil is doing a course they enjoy, it can help reduce their academic stress.   

Co-curricular Activities at Wellington

The school’s Academy department organises and arranges ASA after-school classes for their pupils during the weekdays. From the Nest to Senior school, more than 120 different kinds of after-school activities have been set up in different fields, including Microsoft Project, Super Bowl competition, AMC math competition and many other professional courses. So that pupils can participate in their favorite courses in literature, academics, sports etc.

At the same time, The (Saturday) Academy of the school also covers nearly 80 various activities, taught by international and domestic experts and Wellington staff. Designed to suit individuals and families, it provides children with a real community experience. Children can experience the joy of learning through academic English, French, science experiments and sports courses such as volleyball.

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