Recovered on Purpose Releases TEDx Talk to Help Prevent Addiction Relapse and Help Addicts Recover

Recovered on Purpose Releases TEDx Talk to Help Prevent Addiction Relapse and Help Addicts Recover

Adam Vibe Gunton, author of “From Chains to Saved”
Talk features Adam Vibe Gunton, author of “From Chains to Saved” sharing the idea of how addiction recovery stories can prevent relapse and help addicts recover

DENVER – March 4, 2024 – Adam Vibe Gunton, author of “From Chains to Saved” and Executive Director of the not-for-profit Recovered on Purpose, today announced the release of his long-anticipated TEDx talk, “Relapse Prevention Failed: and How WE Can Solve This Crisis Together.” Gunton’s organization supports addicts in recovery with a purposeful life in recovery to prevent relapse and resources for underprivileged addicts and alcoholics to recover.

In his talk, Gunton shares personal addiction recovery stories, shocking body camera footage from his own overdose, and exactly how the recovery community can solve the addiction crisis together. The TEDx YouTube channel released his extraordinary deep dive into relapse prevention, with the link and lecture now available on Gunton’s website: 

“I gave my TEDx Talk with the hope of helping anyone suffering from any addiction,” said Gunton. “You will hear the message of how, ‘one person, one story, and one message of hope,’ can alter the course of history. Telling those suffering in addiction that there is a purpose to their life beyond just getting clean or sober is vital to inspiring them towards the necessary change.”

Recovered on Purpose is a not-for-profit profit organization which shares poignant and even humorous addiction recovery stories. Gunton leads the way, dedicated to helping other addicts find meaning in their new “recovered lives.” He leads by example, giving purpose to, and encouraging addicts in recovery to live on purpose to help other addicts, thus preventing relapse in their own journeys.

Gunton’s best-selling book has been in the hands of over 10,000 people around the world and his social media content has reached as many as 50 million people in one month. Gunton and Recovered On Purpose have supported more than 1,000 addicts and alcoholics find recovery. His digital course, “Recovery Speaker: Share Your Story Powerfully,” has helped hundreds of people in recovery share their stories through social media, podcasts and books; helping countless more people suffering find the help they need.

Recovered on Purpose has built a 50-state resource guide for underprivileged addicts and alcoholics while also connecting those in need of social services with Medicaid treatment.

For more information about the TEDx Talk, free addiction help, a free copy of From Chains to Saved and a free relapse prevention worksheet, visit

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