RealPhoneValidation™ Unveils White Paper on The Impact of Phone Number Validation

RealPhoneValidation™ Unveils White Paper on The Impact of Phone Number Validation
RealPhoneValidation™’s Analysis includes insights from Testing 400,000 Numbers

RealPhoneValidation™, a data and phone number validation company, has been verifying phone numbers since 2011, helping their customers validate large quantities of phone numbers to optimize both the resources and productivity of their businesses. Their recent White Paper, “The Impact of Phone Number Validation,” utilizes data from 2020 to 2023 where they tested over 400,000 numbers to determine connectivity. 

The Results

Phone numbers validated through a web form or app, using the phone validator API, were disconnected 15% of the time. 

“If you think about it,” COO JoAnn Fitzpatrick says, “That 15% of disconnected numbers can be thought of as a 15% decrease in productivity. And if you are purchasing those marketing leads, they represent a 15% increase in costs.” 

RealPhoneValidation found that 42% of the batch-validated numbers were disconnected.

Existing and aging contact lists were found to be heavily affected by data decay. Phone numbers validated in batches that may have been connected at one point, but have since been disconnected, can hurt the reach and efficiency of a business’s campaign. 

How They Validated Numbers

Their Phone Validator services, which are fully compliant with The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations, utilize a blend of real-time carrier and phone switch data along with proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis to offer the most precise phone number validation in the United States. 

To ensure the ongoing reliability of their data, the RPV Quality Control (QC) team conducts manual testing on a minimum of 2,000 randomly selected numbers each week from the millions validated earlier in the same week. 

Of the 400,000 numbers assessed by QC, they achieved a 92% accuracy rate for connected numbers and a 99% accuracy rate for disconnected numbers.

Why Validate Phone Numbers

Having connected phone numbers is important, not only for lead generation, but also in various organizations that utilize phone numbers in their outreach, such as healthcare, insurance, and political campaigns. 

Based on data gained over the three years of analysis, RealPhoneValidation’s White Paper unveils how their technology ensures accurate phone number validation, how many phone numbers are disconnected, and how that can impact businesses and their bottom line. 

About RealPhoneValidation™

RealPhoneValidation™ specializes in phone data validation. Its role is to verify the accuracy of contact data wherever it is utilized. Their flagship service provides phone number data points, including connection status, phone type (landline/mobile/VoIP), carrier name, if the number is on a do-not-call list, and more. This information is vital for anyone relying on phone communication. These verifications help companies save resources by providing quick, actionable information before engaging with a marketing lead or making a call. 

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