AI Brainstorm Creator transmutes epic Hero’s Quest into daily, globally shared adventures

AI Brainstorm Creator transmutes epic Hero's Quest into daily, globally shared adventures

Participants co-create group Mind Maps during Zoom calls
Through inducing specific peak experiences among thousands of participants worldwide, NGO fosters cooperation in addressing global challenges.

Palo Alto, California – March 5, 2024 – In the world’s largest AI-assisted social media experiment, an NGO called AI Brainstorm Creator is using AI to bring people closer via shared achievement. Within the group’s ongoing Beta, according to CIO Amy Chang, hundreds of participants around the world undergo similar protocols to simultaneously feel a heightened experience of awe, gratitude, laughter, and the thrill of group brainstorming, so as to create something like a globally shared version of the mythic Hero’s Journey.

For study participants, each day is a new experiment in exploring innovative ways to help others connect with their passions. “It never gets old” says Director of Innovation John Toomey, “because we all thrive when we attain the most sublime emotional experiences, and the best way to optimize these is to share them with others. You can’t inspire others without also inspiring yourself.”

According to Education Director Savithri Patel “The discovery that with AI we can train our brains to attain the most transcendent peak states, customized to each of us and shared with the world so that we can better cooperate with our fellows to address the world’s toughest challenges, truly offers a new frontier for Humanity.”

Some of the current fourth cohort’s experiments include:

GRATITUDE – Members in 29 countries celebrate together watching live streams of the very first shared moments between mother and child in the largest maternity hospital in the Philippines, in which a baby is born every 9 minutes.

BRAINSTORMING – AI-assisted group mind mapping takes place during Zoom calls, using Participants are creating 170 mind maps for each of the UN’s sub-targets within the 17 Agenda for Sustainability Goals. Actionable solutions that come out of the sessions are a side benefit. The real success is sharpening both swarm and artificial intelligence.

AWE – Hundreds of wonder-inspiring online experiences are examined monthly, and the best are ‘upvoted’ like posts on Reddit. Consistent winners include, which features 82 live webcam streams of wildlife all over the world, fresh images from the James Webb Space Telescope, and infinite regression video

LAUGHTER – Participants join laughter yoga club meetings on Zoom or Skype in 27 different countries:

COMMUNAL SELF-SACRIFICE, or Heroism – Participants partner with students at the Herat Girls School in Afghanistan to find and publicize little-known heroes on

What study members are discovering is that once they become proficient at co-creating daily emotional peak experiences with their foreign friends, they note that a desire for whatever psychological event would be ideal for the present moment just naturally arises. As AI and social media tools evolve, it becomes easier and easier to call up these experiences upon demand.

“People wonder about their Life’s purpose,” says Innovation Director Toomey. “When they engage in projects like these consistently, the question goes away. It’s not so much that you FIND the meaning of life, it’s just that if within the scope of every day you are contributing to thousands around the globe through co-creating masterpieces of laughter, awe, heroism, brainstorming, and gratitude, the question starts to fade and eventually loses meaning. When the new mother gazes at her infant for the first time, she doesn’t need to ask about life’s purpose.”

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