Foundation Repair Services in Kansas City, MO, by Certified Professionals from King Piers, LLC, Restore the Levels of Sinking and Settling Foundations

King Piers, LLC restores and repairs all types of foundations for residential and commercial properties. It specializes in repairing foundation piers. It ensures the structural stability of premises to keep it safe for the inhabitants, be they family, employees, or tenants.

According to announcements released by King Piers, LLC and Jim King, the foundation repair services by this business are delivered by certified professionals who specialize in restoring the functioning of foundation piers.

King Piers, LLC, a trusted provider of foundation repair solutions, has developed a proven method to raise sinking footings to their correct level of elevation successfully.

Foundation settlement can occur due to footing failure, which can result in the collapse of the foundation wall it supports. This problem may be caused by various factors, including soil movement due to moisture levels, soil type, surrounding trees affecting soil moisture, and plumbing leaks.

When it comes to commercial buildings, the structural integrity of these large and heavy structures is of utmost importance. The team of commercial building foundation repair specialists from King Piers, LLC is highly trained to identify, diagnose, and provide a comprehensive action plan to restore the soundness of any structure.

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The business asserts that business owners must prioritize the structural stability of their commercial buildings, as damage to these investments can have significant financial and safety implications. Exterior and interior cracks, sinking or settling, and upheaval of concrete are all signs of potential foundation issues that should be addressed promptly.

King Piers, LLC offers a specialized “Stone Foundation Repair and Renovation” system for homes with stone foundations built before the early 1900s. The process involves thoroughly cleaning the stone walls, applying fresh mortar to fill gaps and cracks, and painting with white DryLok paint for added protection.

King Piers, LLC states that clients can ensure the longevity and safety of their buildings by scheduling a free estimate with it.

Epoxy injection is a resin-based sealer utilized to fill cracks in concrete to safeguard the rebar from damage and prevent water intrusion into the foundation. King Piers, LLC uses this technology to seal cracks effectively, enabling the concrete foundation to maintain its original strength and stability. Unaddressed cracks and deteriorating rebar can weaken the concrete foundation, compromising the structural integrity of the building and rendering it unsafe for occupancy.

Epoxy injection repairs by this business offer a permanent solution for fixing a cracked foundation without demolishing and re-pouring concrete. The key advantage of epoxy injection lies in its ability to dry harder than concrete, ensuring a lasting fix. This specialized formula stabilizes the inner wall and crack and can also be used on actively leaking cracks, swiftly halting water infiltration.

Characterized by its superior weld strength over concrete, epoxy injections excel on dry surfaces and materials like concrete, wood, and metal. Suitable for interior and exterior applications, epoxy injections are engineered to restore the structural integrity of cracked concrete by effectively welding the cracks together. The repair process offers flexibility through three levels of thickness – high, medium, and low – making it a cost-effective and convenient method for addressing concrete cracks.

Jim King of King Piers, LLC said, “Basement waterproofing in Kansas City is something that just makes sound investment protection sense as a homeowner. Not only does it help prevent flooding, mold or mildew formation, and cracks and fissures, it can also increase your home’s value and reduce energy costs. We recommend you regularly include a basement inspection to check the progress of your basement’s conditions. Consider doing this at each changing season, this way you can be sure to stay on top of any issues and we can respond before it’s too late.”

About the Company:

King Piers, LLC is a trusted small business enabling property owners in the Midwest to save thousands of dollars by affordably and effectively repairing the foundations of their properties. This local business specializes in all things related to footings and foundations. It also offers stamped concrete services.

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