ALSI Offers Automotive Manufacturers a Green Solution in Carboniq Clean – A Spray Cleaning System That Utilizes Recycled Carbon Dioxide and Reduces Water Usage & Carbon Footprint

Rochester, Michigan – Air and Liquid Systems (ALSI) is proud to announce the introduction of Carboniq Clean, a groundbreaking CO2 cleaning system designed specifically to meet the needs of the automotive manufacturing industry. With Carboniq Clean, ALSI is redefining industry standards by harnessing the power of CO2 technology to deliver unmatched cleaning performance and environmental sustainability.

“At ALSI, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in surface preparation,” said Rob Redmer, Director of Sales at ALSI. “With the launch of Carboniq Clean, we are proud to offer manufacturers a game-changing solution that not only delivers superior cleaning performance but also promotes environmental sustainability, with our waterless solution. We believe Carboniq Clean is the most advanced CO2 cleaning system that will revolutionize the way businesses approach surface preparation and particle removal. It will set new standards of excellence in automotive manufacturing and the surface finishing industries.”

Key features of Carboniq Clean include:

Consistent Surface Cleaning: With real-time laser-based spray composition monitoring and control means, Carboniq Clean achieves the highest level of spray quality in the industry. By continuously monitoring and adjusting the spray composition, Carboniq Clean ensures precise and consistent cleaning performance across various applications, enhancing product quality and customer satisfaction.

Quick Payback: As the most cost-efficient CO2 cleaning system on the market, Carboniq Clean utilizes 4th generation CO2 cleaning technology to deliver exceptional results while minimizing operational costs. By optimizing resource utilization and streamlining cleaning processes, Carboniq Clean offers manufacturers a sustainable yet economical solution for their cleaning needs.

Durability: Carboniq Clean is equipped with the most robust power system in the market, ensuring an extended pump life that exceeds industry standards. This level of durability translates to reduced maintenance and increased operational uptime, providing manufacturers with a reliable cleaning solution.

ALSI invites automotive manufacturers and industry professionals to experience the future of cleaning technology with Carboniq Clean. For more information about Carboniq Cleaning and its benefits for automotive manufacturing and surface finishing, visit

About ALSI (Air and Liquid Systems, LLC):

Air and Liquid Systems is a leading supplier of Sustainability solutions, dedicated to engineering and manufacturing cutting-edge air and liquid filtration and separation systems. Established in 2002 to cater to the industrial manufacturing and paint finishing sectors, ALSI has evolved into an industry expert in Sustainable solutions, leveraging our expertise as an engineered solutions provider to enhance processes across diverse industries.

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