Els Pet Unveils Groomdora: A Newest 4-in-1 Pet Grooming Device

The all-in-one grooming kit offers an innovative pet care solution that includes a blow dryer, vacuum, clipper, and cleaner for a home spa experience.
New York City, NY – Els Pet, the leading smart pet company specializing in high-quality pet care solutions, is thrilled to launch the latest Groomdora 4-in-1 Pet Grooming Device, a comprehensive solution designed to redefine the pet grooming experience. This all-in-one grooming kit aims to elevate pet care by providing pet parents with professional-quality tools to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable grooming process.

In the world of pet care, the Groomdora 4-in-1 Pet Grooming Device stands out as a must-have for pet owners. Els Pet is dedicated to providing a safer and healthier pet care solution that enhances the well-being of pets. The device includes a blow dryer, vacuum, clipper, and cleaner to make grooming a breeze, ensuring that the furry friends not only look their best but also feel great inside out.


“We are excited to introduce the Els Pet Groomdora Grooming Device, a culmination of our commitment to providing pet owners with the best tools for their beloved companions,” said Park, the founder of Els Pet. “This 4-in-1 device is more than just grooming; it’s about fostering a positive and enjoyable experience for both pets and their owners.”

Key Features of the Groomdora 4-in-1 Pet Grooming Device:

4-in-1 Pet Groomer Kit: The latest Groomdora features 4-in-1 functions in one grooming kit with a blow dryer, vacuum, clipper, and cleaner, offering pets a convenient and safe home spa experience.

Versatile Headers: Designed to meet a variety of grooming needs, Groomdora employs five headers for shaving, blowing, brushing, combing, and more.

Dual Individual Blast Pipes: Groomdora is equipped with unique dual individual blast pipes to prevent dust, scurf, and air duct isolation, keeping the air clean and pets sanitized at all times.

Functional Accessories Storage: The back of the grooming kit has space for storing the various headers that come with the device without worrying about them getting lost.

Adjustable Temperature in LED Display: Users can freely adjust the temperature on the LED screen for ultimate comfort while grooming. Anion maintenance technology and heating function can also operate simultaneously and smooth the hair.

Heating Mode and ℉ & ℃ Switching: Easily switch the temperature units between ℉ and ℃ with an exclusive button on the screen display to activate the heating mode.

9000pa Suction Power & Adjustable Wind Speed: Thanks to its 10000pa wind power and 9000pa vacuum suction with three power levels, it quickly dries pet fur and cleans sofas, beds, and more.

Low Noise Operation: Groomdora is quieter than other products on the market, with only 60dB to effectively care for pets and homes.

Ultra Capacity Removable Litter Box: The Groomdora has a large capacity of 3 liters and a removable litter box that holds more hair and debris, making maintenance and cleaning easier.

Versatility for All Pets: No matter the type or size of pet, Groomdora is versatile enough to meet various grooming needs and is an all-in-one solution for pet owners with diverse furry companions.


Park stated, “We want to make grooming a bonding experience because your pets deserve nothing but the finest care.”

About Els Pet

The story began when Park, the founder of Els Pet, rescued his trapped cat from an automatic litter box. Inspired by this incident, he collaborated with veterinarians and engineer friends to develop a safer automatic cat litter box. After experimenting with various designs, Park had a breakthrough moment when he thought of mimicking human shoveling behavior. This led to the creation of a self-cleaning cat litter box with a safety door and an artificial arm.

Els Pet’s product research and development is based on the needs of pets and pet parents. Els Pet promises to produce products that are both safe and reliable. The team strives to improve pet-owner communication through technology to help pets live healthier and happier lives.

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