Psyched Studios Launches Kickstarter for “Star Deck”: A Roguelike Sci-Fi Deckbuilding RPG

Star Deck is a vibrant sci-fi adventure set in a galaxy dominated by the totalitarian Federation. Created by solo developer Alex Elkman, Star Deck combines roguelike elements, deckbuilding mechanics, and RPG storytelling into a unique gaming experience. Players will step into the shoes of Rowan Lightstorm, a daring space smuggler on a quest to rescue his kidnapped sibling from the clutches of the Federation.

In Star Deck, every playthrough offers a new adventure with randomized stages, enemies, and cards, ensuring a fresh experience for players each time. The game features a variety of biomes, from robot-populated space islands to desolate frozen tundras, and introduces players to a quirky cast of characters. The demo, which premiered at Steam Next Fest this February, showcases two weapons, the Blaster & Ice Hammer, along with 57 playable cards and 12 equipable Artifacts.

Psyched Studios is committed to building a game that grows with community feedback. Players are invited to try the live demo and share their thoughts to help shape this galactic journey. The Kickstarter campaign offers limited supply sale tiers, including SUPER EARLY BIRD and EARLY BIRD discounts on game and bundle purchases. 

Star Deck promises an addictive mix of strategy and action, with features including:

  • A single-player roguelike deckbuilding experience with extensive replayability.
  • An exclusive in-game color picker for Kickstarter backers to customize the protagonist’s appearance.
  • A range of weapons with unique playstyles and accompanying card decks.
  • Engaging battle mechanics and a plethora of unique enemies tailored to each biome.
  • A rich story-driven adventure, blending humor and heart in a captivating sci-fi setting.

The game targets a release date in Q2 2025, with initial availability on PC. Future plans include expanding to Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch platforms. Star Deck will also offer multi-language support to welcome a global audience.

Join the adventure and support Star Deck’s Kickstarter today to secure your copy and help make this cosmic quest a reality. Experience the demo and learn more about the game and its development journey on Kickstarter, here:

About Psyched Studios:

Psyched Studios is an indie game studio founded by Alex Elkman, a former software engineer with a passion for game development. Star Deck is the studio’s first project, born from Alex’s dream to create engaging, story-driven games. Psyched Studios is dedicated to creating unique gaming experiences that captivate and entertain players worldwide.

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