Hamdallah has released his debut single: “Don’t Stop Build Up.”

Hamdallah, known for infusing fresh energy into the hip-hop scene, originates from the Middle East, specifically Jordan. He has spent the past ten years immersed in the dynamic atmosphere of California, where he really expanded his stylistic vocabulary and broadened his sonic range.

Hamdallah is indeed the kind of artist who likes to dive deeper into his music, bringing fresh ideas to his songs and constantly pursuing excellence with his productions. He won’t just settle into a comfort zone!

Recently, he dropped his debut release, ”Don’t Stop Build Up”, which stands out as an outstanding example of his ability to pursue new ideas and sounds with his music while still retaining his identity and personality. This track is a perfect example of how the artist skillfully merges his Middle Eastern heritage with the laid-back vibes of California, making for a truly vibrant and high-energy sound. Not only did Hamdallah produce the beat, but he also wrote the lyrics and infused every single element of this project with passion, dedication, and his willingness to share his one-of-a-kind take on hip-hop with the world.

By drawing inspiration from both Eastern and Western influences, he did unlock something quite differently, going for a “best of both worlds” vibe!

As the song title suggests, “Don’t Stop Build Up” is also a very positive and uplifting track that sends a message of hope to people. Yes, life is very difficult, and there is so much uncertainty in everyone’s path. However, the song encourages people to face challenges with perseverance and faith. It doesn’t matter how steep or dark the road ahead gets as long as we keep going. The chorus of the song, in particular, is very touching. It serves as a powerful reminder to trust oneself and keep moving forward despite difficulties.

A true positive role model, Hamdallah is bringing so much light into the world with his music, especially at a time when we need it most!

“Don’t Stop Build Up” is a great snapshot of Hamdallah’s creativity, and it comes highly recommended to fans of East Coast and West Coast tones alike. Musically, the song is just as beautiful and relevant as the lyrics. The first sound you’ll hear is that of an Oud, a Middle Eastern instrument with roots that go back thousands of years. This combination of timeless sounds and modern rap aesthetics is truly on point. The sound of yesterday meets the tone of tomorrow, and Hamdallah is like a bridge between the past, present, and future. The energy of the 808 drops and the drums matches the infectious melody and the relentless lyrical flow of the artist, who uses his life experiences and personal stories to convey the vital message of the song.

This release is a perfect taste of modern rap music at its best. It is definitely an indication that Hamdallah’s future ahead is quite bright. He is certainly going to accomplish great things with his sound.

Find out more about Hamdallah by checking his website, and listen to “Don’t Stop Build Up,” now available on Spotify and all music streaming services.

Lyric video: https://youtu.be/Z4yZ7j8uu7I

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HamdallahAlzubi

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