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Company name: Guangdong Shunde Edon Creative Commodity Co., Ltd.
Brand: Cvvtch
Company address: Building 6, No. 1 Yongyong Road, Gangqian Road Yi Xi industrial zone, Leliu Town Shunde Foshan Guangdong China
Contact person: Regina (business manager)
Mobile number: +86 13790083059
Email: [email protected]
Official website:
Company establishment date: Since2008
Number of people in the company: 400+
The company’s main products: are electric hot water bottles and covers, heat therapy products
Quality control method: Has own quality control department
Factory area: 20000㎡
Certification system: BSCI and ISO9001
Delivery guarantee capability: sufficient production capacity, high production and service efficiency, and delivery within the specified time
Quality: stable quality, in line with customer requirements
Price: Provide price support
Cooperation level: attaches great importance to cooperation and coordination, and always maintains active communication and collaboration in interactions with partners and other departments. Willingness to share resources and information to ensure that all parties can achieve common goals. Ensure smooth collaboration by building relationships of trust and respect and resolving issues promptly. Committed to establishing a solid cooperative relationship so that both parties can benefit from the cooperation.
Sample provision: accurate and timely provision of required samples
Packaging and appearance: We have professional designers and support OEM and ODM services
Technical aspects: Can self-design and develop major products, and have a complete set of design and development control systems for bragging rights
Production process: The main processes have relevant operation instruction manuals, and on-site personnel operate by the standards
Equipment repair and maintenance: There are complete equipment management methods, and procurement, operation, maintenance, and upkeep can be effectively controlled. Different equipment undergoes different levels of maintenance, and the equipment is always in good condition.
Production site management: There are complete and formal on-site management methods, such as self-inspection, mutual inspection, and patrol inspection systems
Quality management system: There is a documented quality management system with a relatively complete structure, the system can operate effectively, and the provisions of the quality manual and procedure documents can be carefully implemented.
Inspection process control: The main inspection process can be strictly controlled, the inspector can operate in strict accordance with the regulations, and the inspection results are checked by a dedicated person.
After-sales service: Have good service, be able to proactively investigate customers’ service needs, and try their best to implement them, be able to promptly correct improve, and prevent customer complaints, and be able to feed relevant information to customers promptly, with very few customer complaints.
Organization and management: The management team is excellent and the management level is high. The company’s organizational structure is reasonable and job responsibilities are clear.
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: 13790083059 
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