Introduction to Maintenance Technology for Portable Beveling Machine

Classification of plate edge beveling machine

The beveling machine can be divided into manual beveling machine and automatic beveling machine according to operation, as well as desktop beveling machine and automatic walking beveling machine. According to the principle of beveling, it can be divided into rolling shear beveling machines and milling beveling machines. According to the place of origin, it can also be divided into domestic beveling machines and imported beveling machines (in domestic production, GIRET Gerrit beveling machines are mainly used)

The maintenance methods for different types of beveling machines also vary

1: Handheld multifunctional plate chamfering machine and portable flat beveling machines are generally imported and do not require maintenance. As long as they are used correctly, they will not have problems within a year. (GMMH-10, GMMH-R3)

2: The maintenance method for automatic walking edge milling machine is more meticulous compared to handheld beveling machines. The working principle of the automatic walking beveling machine is mainly to drive the reducer by the motor and achieve automatic walking, so the key to automatic walking beveling is to maintain the motor and gearbox. The maintenance of the motor of the automatic walking beveling machine mainly focuses on whether the voltage is stable during operation and whether it is connected to the same plug-in board as high-power electrical appliances. A separate power cord should be used as much as possible to make the voltage and current of the beveling machine more stable. (GBM-6 series, GBM-12 series, GBM-16 series)

GMMA-100L 2

Maintenance of the gearbox: The maintenance of the gearbox mainly involves replacing the gearbox oil, which has lubrication and cooling functions. It has a good protective effect on the gearbox. If the oil is not changed for a long time, it may cause damage to the gearbox and gears. Once again, it is to prevent the gearbox from being overloaded. The strength and thickness of the groove of an automatic beveling machine are closely related to the reducer during operation. A good gearbox has stronger power and is more durable. But reasonable and correct use is a prerequisite.

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