Renowned Trauma Healer and Executive Coach, Rubyni Karun, Inspires Audiences with Transformative Insights on Overcoming Trauma and Unlocking Leadership Potential

Rubyni Karun, a trauma healer and leadership alignment master, joins Deanna Radulescu on the Label Free Podcast to discuss her journey and mission to help others overcome trauma and become authentic leaders. Rubyni shares personal experiences and insights into the negative effects of bad leadership and corporate trauma. She introduces her program, Success in Self, which focuses on helping individuals rediscover their true selves and create success from within.

Singapore – March 11, 2024 – In a recent podcast episode, Rubyni Karun, a distinguished trauma healer, NLP practitioner, and executive coach, shared her compelling journey of guiding individuals towards personal growth and resilience. The episode offered a deep dive into Rubyni experiences and expertise, highlighting key moments that fueled her commitment to helping others overcome trauma and align with their true leadership potential.

Throughout the insightful discussion, Rubyni drew from her extensive background to shed light on the profound impact of trauma on performance, health, and overall well-being. She passionately underscored the importance of addressing past traumas and toxic patterns as a pivotal step toward unlocking one’s full potential and leading a truly fulfilling life.

Listeners were treated to Rubyni’s personal experiences and gained valuable insights into the transformative power of energy healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and hypnotherapy in overcoming trauma and redefining one’s identity. Rubyni’s expertise in guiding individuals through familial brainwashing and societal pressures resonated with audiences, inspiring them to break free from limiting beliefs and pursue their aspirations.

The episode concluded with a powerful message emphasizing the significance of acknowledging and addressing even the smallest traumas that may hinder personal growth. Karun’s transformative approach to healing and leadership alignment left a lasting impact on listeners, empowering them to embrace their true potential and thrive in all aspects of life.

Karun continues to be a beacon of inspiration for those seeking to overcome trauma and tap into their innate leadership potential. Her dedication to helping others navigate the complexities of personal growth and resilience sets a remarkable standard in the field of trauma healing and executive coaching. To connect with Ruben, head to the link below:

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