How to choose a practical pull basket?

For many housewives, they are often troubled by the fact that there are too many pots and pans in the kitchen that cannot be stored. In fact, a kitchen basket can solve the problem. Pull baskets can store kitchen utensils in categories, which can greatly increase the storage space in the kitchen and make the kitchen look cleaner and tidier. Below, the editor discusses the material, size, and functions of the basket. Five aspects of opening method and guide rails will teach you how to choose a practical basket. Let’s take a look.

Five key points for buying basket

1.Basket material

Stainless steel basket: Stainless steel has high gloss and is not easily corroded or stained during use. It can still be as clean as new after long-term use. It is the most widely used pull basket material.

Aluminum alloy pull basket: Aluminum alloy material is lighter. After it is filled with items, it is easier to push and pull. It is light to use, not easy to rust, and has high durability. It is also a popular pull basket material.

Chrome-plated iron basket: The chromium-plated iron material is made by first coating the surface of stainless steel with copper and then plating it with chrome. It has a mirror gloss. However, because the chrome plating layer is relatively thin, it is easy to rust and corrode over time, which affects the appearance.

Summary: The pull basket material should be rust-proof stainless steel or aluminum alloy. The electroplating layer can also effectively protect the pull basket. Good quality electroplating layer is bright and smooth. The welding points should be full and there should be no weak welding.

2.Basket size

Cabinet baskets at home must be installed according to the size of people’s own cabinets to avoid inappropriate sizes, which may cause inconvenience during use. Among them, the common integrated cabinet dish baskets include 600 cabinet, 700 cabinet, 720 cabinet, 760 cabinet, 800 cabinet and 900 cabinet, which are all national standard sizes. If there is extra space in the cabinet, they can also install it through a combination of dish basket, condiment basket, and corner basket to make full use of the space. However, it should be noted that when dividing the internal space of the cabinet, take care of the upper and lower water pipes, gas pipes, etc., and reserve space in advance.

3.Pull basket function

Dish basket: The dish basket can reasonably place bowls, plates, chopsticks, forks, pots, etc., making the kitchen items more organized. It can also be freely combined and stored in different areas, which can adapt to different people’s storage habits and make it more convenient to use. Condiment basket: The condiment basket can store various condiments in the kitchen into categories, making them easy to access and increasing the kitchen operating space. Among them, the removable seasoning basket with adjustable storage partitions can adapt to the placement of seasoning bottles of different sizes, making it easier to use. Corner basket: The corner basket can make full use of the cabinet space and can be used to place many items such as spices, pots and pans, etc., avoiding dead corners while saving space. Wall cabinet pull-out basket: The liftable pull-out basket for wall cabinets makes full use of the storage space in the upper cabinets, making the kitchen more tidy. The hanging basket material should be sturdy and durable, with a damping and buffering system to make it safer and more secure to use.

4.Pull basket opening method

Drawer basket: The drawer-type opening method can fully pull out the basket. It has a partition design and is easy to access items. It is the most common way to open the basket. Door-opening basket: The door-opening method can better hide the basket and make the kitchen more beautiful. Among them, wall cabinet baskets, corner baskets, and condiment baskets are suitable for open-door baskets.

Summary: It is recommended to use the drawer type for dish baskets with larger cabinets, which are more stable and have better load-bearing capacity; while the open-door type is suitable for baskets with narrow width, or baskets for condiments and sundries.

5.Pull basket guide rail

The basket guide rail is the key to whether the cabinet basket can be pushed and pulled smoothly. In addition to the size matching the basket, it must also have sufficient load-bearing capacity. The high-quality guide rails can pull out the basket smoothly and smoothly. The damped guide rails have a certain buffering force to prevent the door panel from hitting the door frame when closing the door, making the dishes more stable.

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