Postoperative Acute Pain in the US is expected to increase by 2032 during the study period (2019 – 2032) at a CAGR of 7.9%.

Postoperative Acute Pain in the US is expected to increase by 2032 during the study period (2019 - 2032) at a CAGR of 7.9%.

DelveInsight’s Postoperative Acute Pain Market Insights report includes a comprehensive understanding of current treatment practices, postoperative acute pain emerging drugs, market share of individual therapies, and current and forecasted market size from 2019 to 2032, segmented into the United States.


Key Takeaways from the Postoperative Acute Pain Market Report

  • According to DelveInsight’s analysis, the market size for postoperative acute pain in the US is expected to grow with a significant 7.9% CAGR by 2032.
  • DelveInsight’s analysis reveals that the overall incident population of postoperative pain in the US was reported as ~47 million in 2022. 
  • The US accounted for approximately 44% of moderate and around 30% of severe cases based on severity-specific cases.
  • Leading postoperative acute pain companies such as Taiwan Liposome Company (TLC), Teikoku Pharma, Concentric Analgesics, Arthritis Innovation Corporation, MedinCell, Surface Ophthalmics, Salvat Laboratories, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Formosa Pharmaceuticals, Avenue Therapeutics, Cali Pharmaceuticals LLC, Bayer, and others are developing novel postoperative acute pain drugs that can be available in the postoperative acute pain market in the coming years.
  • The promising postoperative acute pain therapies in the pipeline include TLC590, TPU-006 (Dexmedetomidine Transdermal System [DMTS]), Vocacapsaicin (CA-008), F14 (sustained-release celecoxib)/mdc-CWM (Celecoxib), SURF-201 (betamethasone 0.2% in KLARITY vehicle), SVT-15473 (clobetasol propionate ophthalmic nanoemulsion 0.05%), VX-548, APP13007 (clobetasol propionate ophthalmic nanosuspension), AVE-901 (IV Tramadol), CPL-01 (ropivacaine hydrochloride), BAY2880376 (naproxen sodium and caffeine), and others.


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Postoperative Acute Pain Overview

Acute postoperative pain is a normal response to surgical intervention. It not only contributes to delayed recovery and extended hospital stay but also elevates the risk of complications such as wound infections and problems related to the respiratory or cardiovascular systems. Failure to address this pain can lead to diminished patient satisfaction, heightened morbidity and mortality rates, and financial burdens. Chronic postsurgical pain (CPSP) is a condition in which acute pain persists and becomes resistant. CPSP is a result of inflammation caused by tissue trauma or direct nerve injury, and it can be categorized as either nociceptive or neuropathic. 


Postoperative Acute Pain Epidemiology Segmentation

  • Total Postoperative Acute Pain Incident Cases
  • Postoperative Acute Pain Visit-specific Surgical Cases
  • Postoperative Acute Pain Severity-specific Cases


Postoperative Acute Pain Treatment Market 

The objective of postoperative pain management is not just to reduce pain intensity but also to enhance patient comfort and improve postoperative outcomes. Effective pain control involves employing various combinations of regional analgesic techniques and the systemic administration of analgesic agents. Pharmacological approaches to pain relief encompass medications from diverse drug classes. These include opioids, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and acetaminophen. Additionally, healthcare providers may choose to address acute pain using benzodiazepines, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, alpha-2 agonists, gamma-aminobutyric agonists, and cannabinoids


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Postoperative Acute Pain Pipeline Therapies and Key Companies

  • TLC590: Taiwan Liposome Company (TLC)
  • TPU-006 (Dexmedetomidine Transdermal System [DMTS]): Teikoku Pharma
  • Vocacapsaicin (CA-008): Concentric Analgesics
  • F14 (sustained-release celecoxib)/mdc-CWM (Celecoxib): Arthritis Innovation Corporation/MedinCell
  • SURF-201 (betamethasone 0.2% in KLARITY vehicle): Surface Ophthalmics
  • SVT-15473 (clobetasol propionate ophthalmic nanoemulsion 0.05%): Salvat Laboratories
  • VX-548: Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • APP13007 (clobetasol propionate ophthalmic nanosuspension): Formosa Pharmaceuticals
  • OCS-01 (dexamethasone cyclodextrin nanoparticle ophthalmic suspension 1.5%): Oculis
  • AVE-901 (IV Tramadol): Avenue Therapeutics
  • CPL-01 (ropivacaine hydrochloride): Cali Pharmaceuticals LLC
  • BAY2880376 (naproxen sodium and caffeine): Bayer


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Postoperative Acute Pain Market Dynamics

The dynamics of the postoperative acute pain market are expected to change in the coming years. One crucial driver is the rising number of surgical procedures globally, leading to an increased prevalence of postoperative acute pain. The growing awareness about pain management and the importance of patient comfort post-surgery has prompted healthcare providers to adopt advanced and efficient pain management solutions, thereby boosting the postoperative acute pain market.


Scope of the Postoperative Acute Pain Market Report

  • Therapeutic Assessment: Postoperative Acute Pain current marketed and emerging therapies
  • Postoperative Acute Pain Market Dynamics: Key Market Forecast Assumptions of Emerging Postoperative Acute Pain Drugs and Market Outlook
  • Competitive Intelligence Analysis: SWOT analysis and Market entry strategies
  • Unmet Needs, KOL’s views, Analyst’s views, Postoperative Acute Pain Market Access and Reimbursement


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Table of Contents

1. Key Insights

2. Report Introduction

3. Postoperative Acute Pain Market Overview at a Glance

4. Executive Summary of Postoperative Acute Pain

5. Key Events

6. Disease Background and Overview

7. Treatment

8. Methodology

9. Epidemiology and Patient Population

10. Patient Journey

11. Marketed Therapies

12. Emerging Therapies

13. Postoperative Acute Pain – US Market Analysis

14. KOL Views

15. Unmet Needs

16. SWOT Analysis

17. Market Access and Reimbursement

18. Appendix

19. DelveInsight Capabilities

20. Disclaimer

21. About DelveInsight


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