A New Voice in Gospel Proclaims “Thank You” to the World – Jacqueline L. Jenkins Amazes with Soulful New Music

A New Voice in Gospel Proclaims "Thank You" to the World - Jacqueline L. Jenkins Amazes with Soulful New Music
Jacqueline L. Jenkins’ soul-stiring, bold, and resonant new album portrays a beautiful reflection of the artist’s journey of faith and inspiration

The launch of Jacqueline L. Jenkin’s debut album is heralded by a debut show on March 29th, an event anticipated to fill Jehovah Missionary Baptist Church with the sounds of celebration and community spirit.

The magnetizing album which is titled, “Thank You-EP,” officially released for listeners on February 15th, 2024, and features a labor of love and faith, bringing together a host of talented individuals guided by the divine hand.

Each song on the new album resonates with the heartfelt intention to uplift, inspire, and lead listeners closer to Christ. With “Going Home,” a tribute to her late mother Lucille B. Jenkins, and with the support of esteemed figures like Dr. Luther Barnes and producer David Getter, the album transcends music into a shared experience of worship and divine connection.

Jacqueline’s vision is clear—her music is not just an art form but a conduit for messages of hope, strength, and the endless possibilities that faith in God can unfold. She stands committed to crafting hymns of praise that elevate and encourage, leaving a lasting impact on the souls that encounter her music.

In anticipation of her debut performance and with a heart full of thanks, Jacqueline L. Jenkins steps into the gospel realm not just as an artist but as a beacon of light, ready to inspire and to be inspired, leaving a legacy of melodies that echo the eternal “Thank You” to the heavens and to hearts worldwide.

Listeners are warmly encouraged to experience the spiritual embrace of Jacqueline’s music by visiting her website and streaming platforms. The invitation extends beyond listening—to share this journey with loved ones and to be part of a movement that celebrates the gifts given by God.

Stream the artist’s beautiful musical compositions and delve into a whole new word through her official music streaming platforms! If you are a fan of her music, support the artist by purchasing her newest drops and sharing her music with your loved ones. For inquiries and concerns, feel free to reach out to the artist at [email protected]!


In a jubilant expression of faith and gratitude, Jacqueline L. Jenkins emerges onto the gospel scene with an offering of soul-stirring music. Hailing from Sumter, SC, her voice carries the depth of true worship and the joy of a spirit touched by grace. Celebrating the release of her debut single and album, “Thank You-EP,” Jacqueline invites listeners to partake in her musical ministry, a testament to her journey and the power of praise.

Her devotion to gospel music extends beyond mere performance; it’s a calling she fulfills as a worship leader, choir director, and musician. Yet, her talents span further, balancing the roles of a proud mother and grandmother with the entrepreneurial helm of a cybersecurity firm. With advanced degrees under her belt, Jacqueline embodies a remarkable synthesis of intellect, spirituality, and artistic passion.


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