Shardeum: Pioneering Accessibility and Education in the Digital Asset Space

Tyler Choi from Shardeum discusses his journey from NASA to DLT education. Shardeum’s commitment to accessibility through ELI5 content, community engagement, and strategic partnerships drives its mission toward global Web3 adoption.

In the latest episode of The Silicon Dreams, presented by Orbis86, Sharlaine from Orbis86 welcomed Tyler Choi, Partner Relations Manager at Shardeum, to the podcast. With a diverse background spanning technical research at NASA, software engineering, and graduate research assistance, Tyler brings a wealth of expertise to the discussion. 

Tyler Choi’s journey to Shardeum is marked by a diverse background, including technical research at NASA and graduate studies in computer science. His experience underscores the intersection of technology and innovation, driving his passion for accessible education in Distributed Ledger Technology. 

“Initially, I planned to delve into VR research, fascinated by VR, AR, and the metaverse. While at NASA, I became intrigued by Digital Currency and Distributed Ledger Technology,” said Choi. “My interest peaked around 2020-2021 while pursuing my master’s in computer science at the University of Washington, where my cybersecurity professor was engaged in Distributed Ledger Technology research.” 

Shardeum’s commitment to accessibility is evident in its core belief in decentralization. Through initiatives like the proof of community program, Shardeum empowers local communities globally, providing resources and support for grassroots educational events. This approach has facilitated discussions on Distributed Ledger Technology’s opportunities and decentralization’s significance across 10 countries, including a recent 90-day national tour in India. 

The concept of “explain like I’m five” (ELI5) content has been pivotal in Shardeum’s educational efforts. By simplifying complex Distributed Ledger Technology concepts into digestible formats, such as one-pagers, the platform ensures accessibility for newcomers and fosters community engagement. 

Partnerships play a crucial role in advancing Distributed Ledger Technology education accessibility at Shardeum. Through collaborations across the Asia Pacific and the United States, the platform amplifies its educational outreach and forms new community alliances. These partnerships provide the foundation and support necessary to elevate Shardeum’s initiatives to the next level. 

Looking ahead, Shardeum is gearing up for its incentivized Testnet launch, followed by the mainnet launch in early Q2. The platform’s vision for 2024 focuses on sustaining momentum, leveraging successful strategies, and expanding its community. As the Web3 landscape evolves, Shardeum remains committed to driving broader adoption and shaping the future of digital assets. 

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