ECCO Design Build Seeks Experienced Contractor Partnerships in Southern California

ECCO Design Build, once embroiled in controversy with their license revoked in 2005, has resurfaced under the ownership of Giuseppe (Joe) Palmieri and Joann Palmieri. However, their return to the scene spells trouble for businesses and homeowners alike. Documented cases reveal a pattern of deceit, mismanagement, and dishonesty towards clients, painting a grim picture of their reliability and professionalism.

Recent incidents highlight their alarming lack of accountability and disregard for contractual obligations. Projects that were estimated to span 20 weeks ballooned into 40-week nightmares, with costs skyrocketing into tens of thousands of dollars due to gross incompetence and disorganization.

Digging deeper into their troubled past, it becomes evident that their license suspension stemmed from the same issues plaguing current clients. Their refusal to compensate a client for damages led to the forfeiture of their license by the State of California. Such blatant disregard for legal obligations speaks volumes about their integrity and commitment to ethical business practices.

ECCO Design Build’s cavalier attitude towards budget constraints is equally troubling. They consistently exceeded agreed-upon costs without providing clients with proper explanations or timely updates. The resultant financial strain forced clients to cover expenses out of pocket, further exacerbating an already dire situation.

Deadlines became mere suggestions in their hands, as they repeatedly failed to meet promised milestones. These delays not only disrupted schedules but also incurred additional expenses and missed opportunities for clients. When confronted with their shortcomings, Joe Palmieri abandoned the jobsite, leaving clients and workers in limbo.

In the face of such blatant disregard for professional conduct, it is imperative for potential clients to exercise caution. ECCO Design Build’s track record of deception and incompetence renders them unsuitable for any significant project. Those considering their services would be wise to seek alternative options to safeguard their investments and avoid falling victim to their scams.

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