Klangspot Nu Classical: The New Home for Neoclassical Music Lovers

Stuttgart, Germany – Klangspot Recordings is happy to announce the launch of its brand new record label: Klangspot Nu Classical. This latest expansion is dedicated to the burgeoning genre of neoclassical music and is set to become the beacon for contemporary classical artists and enthusiasts around the globe. With its headquarters nestled in the creative heart of Stuttgart, Germany, Klangspot Nu Classical is poised to cultivate a rich tapestry of melodic innovation and serene soundscapes.

Scheduled to unveil its inaugural release on April 5th, Klangspot Nu Classical proudly presents ‘Prelude in C Major’ by the captivating Brazilian pianist, Angel Ruediger. This piece promises to be a stirring addition to the neoclassical canon, offering listeners a gateway to a realm of auditory elegance and refined emotion.

Boasting a parentage with Klangspot Recordings, a label with a robust catalog of over 250 titles, Klangspot Nu Classical inherits a legacy of auditory excellence and a steadfast commitment to artist promotion. Klangspot Recordings has already made its mark as a curator on prominent music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, managing playlists that resonate with a diverse audience of music aficionados.

The Klangspot brand extends its reach into the digital realm with an extensive network of Spotify curators, ensuring that each release receives the maximum possible exposure. By leveraging this network, Klangspot Nu Classical is uniquely positioned to amplify its artists’ works, ensuring that every composition reaches the ears of those who crave musical depth and sophistication.


As the neoclassical genre continues to gain momentum, Klangspot Nu Classical emerges as a nurturing ground for both established and emerging talents. Our mission is to capture the essence of contemporary classical music and to forge a connection between the composers’ vision and the listeners’ passion.

We invite the press, radio programmers, playlist curators, and music lovers to join us on this exciting journey. Mark your calendars for April 5th and be among the first to experience the enchanting melodies of Angel Ruediger’s ‘Prelude in C Major’. Stay tuned for more spellbinding releases from Klangspot Nu Classical, where the future of neoclassical music is being written today.

Embrace the serene, the beautiful, the profound. Embrace Klangspot Nu Classical.

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