The Centenary of Jin Yong’s Birth. Jiaxing Series Cultural Events Launched in Hong Kong

Xiaoyou, Special Correspondent from the Jiaxing News and Media Center, Reported from Hong Kong on March 11th.

“In places where there are Chinese people, there are Jin Yong’s novels”. Today, the Jiaxing City Jin Yong Centennial Series of Activities was announced at the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (FILMART). During the cultural exchange event held this afternoon, Jiaxing released a series of landmark achievements globally, including the Hometown Edition of “The Book and the Sword”, “Jin Yong Jianghu’s 28 Sceneries · Illustrated Guide to Zhejiang”, and the AI promotional video “Jiaxing in Jin Yong’s Works”. These achievements were released in Hong Kong simultaneously.

At Hong Kong FILMART, Jiaxing presented “Treat for Jin Yong Fans – The Smiling, Proud Wanderer Jiaxing Tour” hero passports, inviting Jin Yong fans from around the world to visit Jin Yong’s hometown, Jiaxing, and enjoy free tours of Jiaxing’s attractions. Over 7,000 exhibitors from 41 countries and regions participated in on-site interactions, sparking a wave of “Jin Yong fever” at the Hong Kong FILMART


Mr. Jin Yong is a renowned martial arts novelist, journalist, and social activist. He was born in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China in 1924 and moved to Hong Kong, China in 1948. Throughout his life, he created 15 martial arts works, “Fei Xue Lian Tian she Bai Lu, Xiao Shu Shen Xia Yi Bi Yuan” (the combination of the first characters of each of his novel title) are deeply rooted in the excellent traditional Chinese culture and have been widely disseminated worldwide through books and film and television adaptations.

Renowned Hong Kong director Lai Shui-Ching, who has directed several of Jin Yong’s works including the television series “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber”, shared his thoughts on filming Jin Yong’s works over the course of 20 years at the event.

Mr. Yu Ka-Lun, a famous actor from Hong Kong, has portrayed multiple characters in Jin Yong’s television adaptations. He attended the event and shared his filming experiences from those years. He said, “I hope to have the opportunity to visit Jiaxing and personally experience the cultural atmosphere and beautiful scenery of the places where Jin Yong’s stories unfolded.”

A special envoy journalist from Jiaxing, along with journalists from the “Hong Kong Commercial Daily”, engaged in interactive interviews, reminiscing about the heyday and interesting anecdotes of Jin Yong’s novels when serialized in the “Hong Kong Commercial Daily”. They also discussed the origins of the “28 Scenes of Jin Yong’s Jianghu”, which are 28 landmarks in Zhejiang mentioned in Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, including landmarks like Zicheng, Yanyu Tower, and Zuixian House.

As the series of activities celebrating the 100th anniversary of Jin Yong’s birth has officially commenced, Jiaxing will conduct five major series of events throughout the year, focusing on academic research, cultural dissemination, literary creation, cultural experiences, and venue enhancements. These activities include opening Jin Yong’s former residence and Jinyong College, as well as launching documentaries such as “The Great Hero Jin Yong” and “Cha Liangyong”.

Meanwhile, Jiaxing also plans to hold various activities in multiple countries and regions around the world, including distributing “hero passports” and collecting Jin Yong’s martial arts action moves. Simultaneously, they will promote the city image of Jiaxing on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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