Shanghai Yongming Supercapacitor Protects The Stable Operation Of Driving Recorders

With the continuous breakthroughs and innovations in high technologies such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, and 5G, driving recorders will have broad market prospects as image recording equipment. Our country is a country with a large population and a large number of cars, so the demand for purchasing driving recorders is growing.

The relationship between driving recorders and supercapacitors

While the vehicle is driving, the driving recorder is powered by the vehicle’s internal power supply and charges the backup power supply at the same time. When the internal power supply is cut off, the driving recorder needs the backup power supply to provide sufficient power to complete the shutdown process, including saving the video, secondary Detection of power-on, shutdown of main control and peripherals, etc. Previously, most driving recorders used lithium batteries as backup power sources. However, considering the special scenarios of the driving recorder, such as the complex lithium battery management circuit, the degradation of battery life due to long-term cycle charge and discharge, the low temperature lithium battery cannot work in winter, and the direct sunlight temperature in the car when parking in summer can reach 70-80℃, the temperature resistance of lithium battery Poor performance, etc., these are extremely detrimental to the normal operation of the driving recorder, and there is a hidden danger of bulging and explosion. The use of supercapacitor charging and discharging circuits has unique advantages such as simple design, wide operating temperature range, strong high and low temperature resistance, high safety factor, long service life, and up to 500,000 charge and discharge cycles, which can ensure the stability and safety of the driving recorder. of operation.


Yongming supercapacitor protects driving recorder 

Shanghai Yongming supercapacitor has the advantages of small size, large capacity, high energy density, high safety, high temperature resistance, long life, etc. It is more environmentally friendly and safe, and provides a strong guarantee for the operation of the driving recorder.


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