AIO Integrations, LLC Announces Formal Partnership with Alignable, Paving the Way for Small Businesses to Fortify Cybersecurity Education

AIO Integrations, a leading provider of comprehensive cybersecurity and managed services solutions, proudly announces its formal partnership with Alignable, marking a significant milestone in the realm of cybersecurity education for small businesses. The collaboration aims to empower small enterprises with the knowledge and tools they need to safeguard their digital assets effectively.

In an era where cybersecurity threats loom larger than ever, AIO Integrations recognizes the critical need for education and protection among small business owners. The formal partnership with Alignable signifies a commitment to fortifying cybersecurity education as the first-ever cybersecurity educational center exclusively tailored for small businesses.

Hackers are becoming increasingly adept at bypassing conventional anti-virus measures, making it essential for small businesses to adopt a more comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. AIO Integrations emphasizes that relying solely on traditional anti-virus software, such as Windows Defender, McAfee, Norton, Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, or Malwarebytes, leaves businesses vulnerable to evolving cyber threats. As hackers continually devise sophisticated methods, it’s crucial for small businesses to recognize the limitations of basic anti-virus protection.

Formal Partnership with Alignable

Alignable, renowned for its dedication to fostering connections among small businesses, is the perfect partner for AIO Integrations. The collaboration aims to democratize access to cybersecurity education, ensuring that small business owners can equip themselves with the knowledge necessary to navigate the digital landscape securely.

Our partnership with Alignable is a testament to our commitment to making cybersecurity education accessible to all. We believe that by joining forces, we can empower small businesses to proactively protect themselves against cyber threats.

Exclusive Offer: 25% Off All Services for Alignable Members

To celebrate the formal partnership, AIO Integrations is extending a special offer to all Alignable members. Small business owners who leverage Alignable will enjoy a 25% discount on all cybersecurity services offered by AIO Integrations. This limited-time promotion aims to make advanced cybersecurity solutions more accessible to the small business community.

About AIO Integrations

AIO Integrations is a leading provider of comprehensive cybersecurity and managed services olutions, committed to empowering small businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to safeguard their digital assets. With a focus on education and innovation, AIO Integrations strives to make cybersecurity accessible, effective and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

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