GenSun Roofing NJ Introduces Innovative ‘Walk for Bucks’ Program

The new initiative offers an opportunity for walkers to generate income while promoting roofing services.

Is it possible to make money while doing light exercise? In many New Jersey neighborhoods this opportunity now exists. GenSun Roofing NJ, a leading roofing company serving New Jersey and Pennsylvania for over three decades, recently announced the launch of its pioneering ‘Walk for Bucks’ program. Designed to engage community affiliates and reduce reliance on traditional advertising platforms, this initiative presents a unique opportunity for individuals to earn income while promoting the company’s roofing services.

Coach Jim Contreni, owner of GenSun Roofing NJ, emphasized the company’s commitment to grassroots marketing strategies: “We believe in putting people to work and fostering meaningful connections within our communities. The ‘Walk for Bucks’ program empowers individuals to earn while promoting our services. This helps us bypass the exorbitant costs associated with big tech advertising. The program is a real win-win.”

The ‘Walk for Bucks’ program offers participants the chance to earn up to $25 per hour simply by walking through their neighborhoods and distributing door hangers to homes, churches, and commercial buildings that appear to require roofing services. Unlike traditional sales roles, this program requires no selling—affiliates need only hang the door hangers provided by GenSun Roofing NJ and leave them for interested parties to discover.

Here’s how it works:

Walking for Profit: Participants earn money while engaging in their regular exercise routine by hanging door hangers on buildings requiring roofing services.

No Sales Required: There’s no need for sales pitches or persuasion – affiliates hang the door hangers and move on. Affiliates can earn based on the number of door hangers inserted daily, with payments conveniently processed via PayPal at the end of the week. For example, hanging 100 door hangers can earn an affiliate $50, typically requiring around two hours of walking. Given that approximately 40% of homes need roof replacement, the earning potential is significant.

In addition to the ‘Walk for Bucks’ program, GenSun Roofing NJ offers various income-generating opportunities for affiliates, including:

Facebook Posting: Affiliates can share company-provided information, completed home pictures, and special offers on Facebook groups and personal news feeds.

Centers of Influence: Outreach to groups such as real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and insurance agents to promote the affiliate program.

Contractor Networking: Partnering with other contractors, such as landscapers, HVAC technicians, and electricians, to expand the company’s reach and service offerings.

For more information on the ‘Walk for Bucks’ program and other affiliate opportunities, interested individuals can visit

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