CitizenLab Introduces Groundbreaking AI Assistant to Revolutionize Community Engagement

Brussels – In an innovative leap forward for local governance, CitizenLab is proud to announce the launch of its AI-powered Sensemaking module on February 22. This pioneering tool is set to transform the landscape of community engagement by offering an unprecedented level of efficiency and accuracy in processing public feedback.

The AI Assistant is designed specifically for local governments overwhelmed by the volume of community input. Through advanced AI technology, it scans, organizes, and reports on thousands of resident responses quickly and accurately, enabling decision-makers to act on community feedback with unparalleled speed.

Cambridge’s Success Story: A Testament to Efficiency

The City of Cambridge has already experienced the transformative power of the AI Assistant. “Thanks to the AI assistant, we saved about 10 hours, or 50%, in the analysis phase… The tool’s accuracy in summarizing the community’s feedback was remarkable,” reports Esther Pickard, Digital and Web Product Manager at Cambridge. This efficiency represents a significant step forward in making community engagement more manageable and meaningful.

The Future is Here

CitizenLab’s vision is clear: to harness AI to make local governments more self-sufficient and their engagement with communities more impactful. Sensemaking is just the beginning.

“As we launch the CitizenLab AI-powered Sensemaking, we’re not just introducing a new product; we’re redefining what’s possible in community engagement. This tool embodies our commitment to innovation, offering local governments a way to cut through the noise and connect with their communities more effectively than ever before. It’s a leap towards making public decision-making not only more efficient but also more meaningful.” said Wietse Van Ransbeeck, the CEO of CitizenLab.

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CitizenLab is a leading provider of community engagement solutions for local governments. Our mission is to make public decision-making more inclusive, participatory, and responsive.

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