Peaka Launches Zero-ETL Data Integration Platform for Seamless Data Unification

Peaka Launches Zero-ETL Data Integration Platform for Seamless Data Unification
This company simplifies data integration across relational and NoSQL databases, SaaS tools, and APIs.

Peaka, a market-leading data integration platform, announces the launch of its zero-ETL solution, modernizing the ‘modern’ data stack. Peaka enables users to seamlessly integrate over 300 relational and NoSQL databases, SaaS tools, and APIs, allowing for querying across sources as a unified data source in minutes.

Unlike conventional methods that rely on complex ETL processes and extensive data pipelines, requiring companies to hire a data engineering team and spend 2-3 months to incorporate a new course, Peaka’s lean architecture processes data without the need to copy or sync it, enabling organizations to derive insights rapidly.

By processing data directly from its source, Peaka delivers near-real-time analytics. Combining this with caching and data blending across different sources, companies save up to 80% on operational costs while accelerating time-to-insight by 95%.

As the go-to solution for data ingestion, Peaka users benefit from building blocks to either import data into existing systems or utilize Peaka tables, which can also be used as a data source. In an environment where many companies rely on event data for a comprehensive customer 360° view, Peaka’s robust design ensures uninterrupted data flow.

Peaka’s zero-ETL approach diminishes the reliance on traditional data warehouses and data pipelines, empowering organizations to operate more efficiently with fewer engineers in a more agile manner. By democratizing data access and providing a single source of truth in minutes, Peaka is set to redefine the data stack landscape for businesses of all sizes.

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About Peaka

Peaka stands at the forefront of data integration, reshaping how organizations access, unify and disseminate their data. With an innovative zero-ETL solution, Peaka empowers users to seamlessly connect diverse data sources, emphasizing simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and data inclusivity.

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