German and American Scientists Announce the Conquest of the Secret of Youthfulness, 26-year-old Youth Factor Ignites the Academic World

Recently, a joint team of scientists from Germany and the United States announced a remarkable research achievement: they have successfully uncovered the secret of “youthfulness.” Utilizing Nobel Prize-winning technology centered around autophagy, combined with oral functional protein peptide technology, the scientists from both countries have successfully developed a compound called “Youth Factor,” which can restore the body’s functions to that of a 26-year-old. This achievement has sparked widespread attention in the academic community.

It is reported that the core ingredient of this Youth Factor is spermidine. In 2016, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded for research on cellular autophagy, bringing spermidine, which can “activate cellular autophagy,” into the public eye. Jonas, the spokesperson for the scientific team, stated that autophagy is the secret to maintaining youthfulness in the body. The essence of autophagy is cells eating themselves, recycling cell waste and protein debris back into amino acids, fatty acids, sugars, and nucleotides. However, as aging progresses, the body’s autophagic activity gradually weakens, leading to the accumulation of cell waste, cell damage, a vicious cycle, and the appearance of various aging characteristics.

“After relentless research, we have finally found the core code to provide aging bodies with the power of autophagy – spermidine,” Jonas told the media. Spermidine is an element present in every cell of the human body, a polyamine that exists in every cell. Its “endogenous” nature means that the body can synthesize spermidine on its own. However, as age increases, the body’s ability to produce spermidine decreases. At the same time, due to various cell stresses mentioned earlier, cells become overloaded, and the available spermidine becomes insufficient, leading to a weakening of our autophagic function.

Traditional exogenous spermidine supplements have issues such as slow absorption rates, low conversion efficiency, and the generation of waste during the conversion process, which burdens the liver. The scientists from both countries have solved this issue through oral functional protein peptide technology.

“Our research and development team consists of top 20-ranked life science research experts from prestigious universities in Germany and the United States. Targeting human genes and absorption characteristics, the core of oral functional protein peptides is to activate human functional protein peptides, allowing the body to no longer rely entirely on exogenous supplementation. Instead, through several courses of conditioning, we aim to restart the body’s cellular autophagic power,” Jonas stated. Additionally, this technology has increased the human absorption rate and conversion rate of spermidine by 9 times and 5 times, respectively. In a comparative experiment involving 200 participants, this component successfully helped 97% of users achieve a cellular autophagic function equivalent to that of a healthy 26-year-old adult in Europe and America.

Reporters have learned that the commercialization of this technology has been successful in the European and American markets. The well-known life science brand BUCANUS has collaborated with this team to launch a new generation of spermidine supplements, which have been well-received by many elite individuals in Europe and America, earning the product several international awards.

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