Memory Therapist Helps Those Suffering from Cognitive Brain Injuries

Denver, CO, USA – March 19, 2024 – Vicki Mizel, a cognitive memory therapist who has assisted individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and brain injuries in retrieving their memories, is introducing a new protocol aimed at aiding people suffering from lifestyle-related memory loss. Over the past three decades, Mizel has aided herself and numerous others, prompting her to consider whether her protocol could benefit individuals with injuries akin to those of Wendy Williams or Bruce Willis.

Vicki Mizel, known to those she has aided as a Memory Maven, has as taught and trained in memory techniques for thirty-three years. Now in her 60s, Vicki has recovered from two brain injuries resulting from severe life-threatening accidents – a car accident in 1999 and an incident as a pedestrian in 2016. Vicki even restored her mental faculties when she believed she was suffering from ‘chemical dementia’ due to exposure to pesticides, paints, lacquers, and mold from an apartment she resided in while in Los Angeles. Despite enduring these physical injuries, Mizel regained her memories and healed her brain.

Mizel gained insight into Alzheimer’s and dementia while teaching in multiple assisted-living facilities. “I noticed trends among those who developed memory illnesses and those who didn’t. Many individuals experience the loss of a spouse, job, or even a child. However, some maintained mental wellness while others did not. I theorized that a co-dependent personality arising after a significant loss stemmed from the feeling of losing oneself.”

In her book, “Love Remembers,” Vicki discusses how losing something or someone equates to a loss of self and self-esteem, often leading to severe grief and subsequently depression. Lingering in this depressive state for too long can result in brain atrophy. Mizel recommends allowing oneself time to grieve and engaging in group or private grief therapy. “Suppressing grief,” says Mizel, “can eventually lead to a form of dementia, as emotional needs must be acknowledged, expressed, and released.”

Mizel observed that individuals who avoided grieving were more prone to memory loss. “This was evident in the case of my grandmother. She was instructed to stop grieving, as it had been long enough,” writes Mizel in her book. Mizel emphasizes the importance of addressing grief while also cultivating new passions and purposes.

“In Wendy Williams’s case,” says Mizel, “she has experienced a series of significant losses. She lost her husband due to a loss of trust, her mother, her passion and purpose through her job loss, and her health. That’s a considerable amount of loss to comprehend. She also faced trauma early in her career, experiencing date rape and abuse from her first boyfriend, which led to a loss of good credit standing upon their breakup. Wendy used substances occasionally for self-soothing, which was detrimental to her health. All these life losses contribute to one’s sense of self and self-esteem.”

Recognizing that having a purpose infused with passion provides the energy and drive to thrive once again, Mizel developed the Brainsprouts Memory program, teaching an effective method to remember crucial information such as names, events, and stories. Students learn to create new mental images, devise action plans, and rediscover purpose.

Mizel explains, “If I were to devise a treatment plan for Wendy, initially, I would recommend what I did for myself. The keys are memory training for focus, sharpness, brain agility, concentration, oxygen, and brain supplements. The most effective brain supplement, which also aids in detoxifying chemicals and toxins from the body, is NAD IV Drips infusions. Its primary component, Nicotinamide Riboside, is formulated with targeted cellular nutrients to combat cellular decline and promote cell health.”

To aid her own recovery from chemical overexposure, Mizel’s personalized cognitive therapy plan included three weeks of ten NAD IV infusions paired with Infrared Saunas, Hyperbaric oxygen sessions with memory training, and detox footbaths. “In just three short weeks, I reclaimed my mental faculties from the damage caused by chemicals, paints, and most pesticides. Some pesticides and molds are challenging to eliminate from the body. I also incorporated psychotherapy. Losing one’s abilities and being alone is challenging. Having a trained professional to converse with and share the journey, including progress and moments of improvement, is invaluable.”

Mizel asserts, “It is my passion and purpose to share this knowledge with others who are suffering because there is a pathway to regain a healthy mind and body. If I could aid myself through brain injury, physical injury, chemical injury, Alzheimer’s, and dementia, I believe I can assist Wendy, too.”

About Vicki Mizel

Trained as an educator, psychologist, actor, and public speaker, Vicki Mizel has been teaching her Brain Sprouts Memory System since 1983. This memory method, known to enhance neuroconnectivity, neural regeneration, and brain activity with time and practice, has benefitted individuals ranging from school children and university students to CEOs, and actors, as well as those suffering from brain injury, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. Visit

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