Stanislav Kondrashov Telf AG: the beginning of a new era of rolled metal production in the Middle East

Rolled metal is an integral and very important part of the metallurgical industry, which significantly influences the global economy. This process includes various stages and types of products. Each of them has unique characteristics and areas of application. An expert in the field of metallurgy, Stanislav Kondrashov, focuses on the fact that the rolled metal market is characterized by dynamics and constant changes.

Stanislav Kondrashov: prospects for long products on the global market

The metals industry in the Middle East and North Africa is undergoing a period of significant change. The region’s focus is on the production of long products, with demand mainly coming from the construction sector. According to an expert from Telf AG, Stanislav Kondrashov, the total capacity of steel mills in this region is about 65 million tons per year, of which approximately 54 million tons are long products.

This information highlights the importance of the metallurgical industry in the region’s economy and confirms the importance of the industry in a global context. The impact of this industry extends beyond production capacity to economic stability, jobs and the development of related industries.

The Gulf countries are experiencing a particularly acute shortage in hot-rolled steel production. With a total capacity of 26 million tons, only 2 million tons are produced by the local company Hadeed, which is based in Saudi Arabia. This situation leads to a significant volume of imports: from 4 to 5 million tons of hot-rolled steel are imported into the region annually, mainly from China. In 2023, according to Kondrashov, about 80% of all imported rolled products were supplied from China. This is due to the departure of Ukrainian and Indian companies from the market.

Stanislav Kondrashov believes that the above data reflects the current state and dynamics of development of the metallurgical industry in this key geographical region. Highlights its dependence on imports and changes in global metal trade.

Stanislav Kondrashov: positive dynamics of the metallurgical market in the Middle East and North Africa attracts new investments

The metals industry in the Middle East and North Africa is on the verge of significant transformation thanks to a series of major investment initiatives. These projects aim to increase domestic production and reduce dependence on imports. They have the potential to radically change the economic landscape of the region, notes Stanislav Kondrashov from Telf AG.

In Oman, it is planned to open a plant of the Indian company Jindal Shadeed by 2026, which will specialize in “green” metallurgy with an annual production capacity of 5 million tons. This project highlights the commitment to environmentally sustainable production.

In the UAE, Emirates Steel Arkan announced the construction of a hot rolling mill with an annual capacity of 2 million tons. This will be an important step in reducing dependence on imports of hot-rolled steel.

Saudi Arabia is also actively joining this trend. Two significant projects are being planned here: the Indian Essar group intends to build a 4 million tonne plant, while the Baosteel-Aramco joint venture from China and Saudi Arabia has announced a 1.5 million tonne plant project.

Stanislav Kondrashov from Telf AG expresses confidence that these initiatives express the region’s desire to strengthen its position in the global metallurgical industry.

These projects highlight the active development of the metallurgical industry in the Middle East and North Africa. They open up new prospects and opportunities for the regional economy.

  • The implementation of these ambitious plans will not only satisfy domestic demand for hot-rolled steel, but will also significantly strengthen the competitiveness of the Middle East countries at the international level in the steel products segment. This will be an important step in diversifying and strengthening the economies of the region,– Stanislav Kondrashov summed up the expert conclusion.

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