Traditional technology vs new freeze-drying technology and Application of dairy products

When it comes to food preservation needs, there is a growing focus on keeping food fresh and extending shelf life. This process needs to ensure that food ingredients are not damaged and no additional chemicals are added. Therefore, vacuum freeze-drying technology has gradually become a common way of preservation. The milk freeze-drying technology is to freeze the purified fresh milk into a solid state at low temperature, and then sublimate the solid ice directly into a gas in a vacuum environment, and finally make freeze-dried cow milk powder with a water content of no more than 1%. This method can completely retain the original various nutrients and minerals of milk.

 traditional technology vs new freeze-drying technology:

At present, there are two main drying methods for dairy products: the traditional low temperature spray drying method and the emerging low temperature freeze-drying method. The low temperature spray drying technology is a backward technology because it is easy to destroy the active nutrition, and the current bovine colostrum processing adopts freeze-drying technology.

(1) Low temperature spray drying technology

Spray drying process: After collection, cooling, transportation, storage, degreasing, pasteurization, spray drying and other production links, the temperature of pasteurization and spray drying process is maintained at about 30 to 70 degrees, and the temperature of immune factors and growth factors is above 40 degrees Celsius for only a few minutes before the activity will be lost. Therefore, the survival rate of active ingredients in spray-dried milk products is very low. Even disappear.

(2) Food vacuum freeze-drying machine low temperature freeze-drying technology:

Freeze-drying is a technology that uses the principle of sublimation to dry, which is a process in which the dried substance is quickly frozen at a low temperature, and then the frozen water molecules are sublimed directly into water vapor escape under the appropriate vacuum environment. The freeze-dried product is called freeze-dried

The low temperature lyophilization process is: collecting milk, immediately processing after cooling, separating degreasing, sterilization, concentration, freezing sublimation and drying, which can fully ensure the activity of immunoglobulin and nutrients. This more advanced cryogenic lyophilization technology is gradually welcomed by the market.

Freeze-dried milk process:

a. Choose the right milk: Choose fresh milk, preferably whole milk, as the fat content helps to preserve the taste and texture of the milk. Make sure the milk is not expired or contaminated.

B. Prepare the freeze-dryer: Make sure the freeze-dryer is clean and set up according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The freeze dryer should be operated in a clean environment to avoid pollution and odor.

C. Pour the milk: Pour the milk into the container of the freeze-dryer, and pour the appropriate amount of milk according to the capacity and instructions of the freeze-dryer. Don’t fill the container completely, leave some room for the milk to expand.

D. Freeze-drying process: Place the container in the preheated freeze-drying machine and set the appropriate time and temperature according to the instructions of the freeze-drying machine. The freeze-drying process can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day, depending on the amount of milk and the performance of the freeze-dryer.

E. Monitor the freeze-drying process: During this process, you can regularly check the status of the milk. The milk will gradually dry out and become solid. Once the milk is completely freeze-dried without any moisture, you can stop the freeze-drying process.

Finish freeze-drying: Once the milk is completely freeze-dried, turn off the freeze-dryer and remove the container. Let the freeze-dried milk cool at room temperature to make sure the inside is dry as well.

F. Store freeze-dried milk: Store freeze-dried milk in airtight containers or vacuum-sealed bags to prevent moisture and air from entering. Make sure the container or bag is dry and label it with the date and contents of the freeze-dried milk. Store freeze-dried milk in a cool, dry place to extend its shelf life.

Application of dairy products

(1) Application of milk:

Since the body temperature of cattle is about 39 degrees Celsius, active immunoglobulin can be effectively preserved below this temperature. Above 40 degrees, the active immunoglobulins in colostrum begin to lose their activity. Therefore, temperature control is the key in the production of bovine colostrum.

At present, only the low temperature lyophilization process is the best way to produce colostrum, and the entire lyophilization process is kept at a low temperature, far below 39 ° C. The low temperature spray drying process is carried out at a temperature of 30 ° C to 70 ° C, and the activity of immune factors and growth factors will be completely lost when the temperature is above 40 ° C for only a few minutes.

Therefore, freeze-dried milk products such as milk freeze-dried powder and freeze-dried bovine colostrum will maintain perfect activity. In particular, bovine colostrum naturally contains a large number of nutrients with different physiological activities, and is one of the food resources enriched by immune factors in nature.

(2) Application of mare’s milk:

Mare’s milk is becoming more and more popular because of its excellent quality and rich nutritional value. It is particularly easy to digest, low in fat, and rich in minerals and enzymes.

In particular, it has a high content of isoenzymes and lactoferrin, which is very suitable for use in the medical industry. These enzymes are antibacterial, so they’re also

It’s called a natural antibiotic. For example, mare’s milk is recommended for the treatment of allergies, eczema, Crohn’s disease, metabolic disorders, as well as improving the immune system and supporting treatment. It can be used not only as food, but also in cosmetics. Mare’s milk is the true fountain of youth: it contains a variety of proteins, amino acids, lipids and minerals that are ideal for relieving dry, dehydrated and wrinkled skin.

The use of food grade freeze-drying machine to process mare milk into mare milk freeze-dried powder can be transported over long distances without causing loss of nutritional value. Moreover, freeze-dried milk powder lasts longer and retains its original nutritional value.

(3) Application of camel milk:

Camel milk is known as “desert soft platinum” and “longevity milk”, and what is more surprising is that there are five special ingredients in camel milk, known as “longevity factor”. It is composed of insulin factor, insulin-like growth factor, rich milk iron transfer protein, tiny human immunoglobulin and liquid enzyme. Their organic combination can repair all the aging internal organs of the human body in a youthful state.

Camel milk also contains many unknown rare elements urgently needed by the human body, comprehensive research, camel milk for human disease prevention, health, longevity has inestimable value. The introduction of camel milk in “drink food is about” : supplementing Qi, strengthening muscles and bones, people are not hungry. People gradually turn their attention to the research and development of camel milk and its products.

Camel milk is relatively unfamiliar to most people, but in many countries and regions it is regarded as an irreplaceable nutrition. Camel’s milk is a widely consumed food in Arab countries; In Russia and Kazakhstan, doctors recommend it as a prescription for weak patients; In India, camel milk is used to heal edema, jaundice, spleen diseases, tuberculosis, asthma, anemia, and hemorrhoids; In Africa, people with AIDS are advised to drink camel’s milk to strengthen the body’s resistance. A camel dairy company in Kenya is working with the Institute of Medicine to study the role camel milk plays in preventing diabetes and coronary heart disease.

The freeze-dried camel milk powder produced by the low temperature freeze-drying process retains the nutrients in the camel milk to a large extent, does not contain any food additives, and is the best green milk. Contains a large number of milk protein, milk fat, lactose and other essential nutrients and a variety of vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and immunoglobulin, lactoferritin, lysozyme, insulin and other bioactive substances.

(4) Application of ready-to-eat compound dairy products:

With the development of technology, more and more dairy products such as yogurt and yogurt blocks continue to appear and are loved by consumers. Whether it is liquid yogurt or solid yogurt block, how to ensure its flavor, taste and quality is a problem that dairy processing enterprises can not be ignored.

Freeze-dried yogurt blocks made by low temperature vacuum freeze-drying by food grade freeze-drying machine not only retain probiotic activity and nutrients, flavor and taste, but also play an important role in quality and safety. Cryogenic freeze-drying technology allows yogurt to “chew”!

Freeze-dried yogurt block crispy gap particles are larger, chewing up is crunchy crisp sound. Big, creamy, sweet and sour, it does taste good.

Freeze-dried fruit flavor yogurt block process: the freeze-dried fruit and yogurt base material are dressed separately. The yoghurt base material, whose moisture content is controlled to 75-85%, is in the state of stirred yoghurt or drinking yoghurt, poured into the food mold, and then placed in the Tuofeng food-grade freeze-drying machine for vacuum freeze-drying. After the freeze-drying process is completed, freeze-dried yoghurt blocks with fruit flavor can be made.

In summary, the application of vacuum freeze-drying technology in the dairy industry not only promotes product quality and innovation, but also brings new enlightenment for the progress of food science and technology, and points out the direction for the development of food processing technology in the future. The continued development of this technology will further promote the healthy and sustainable development of the food industry, providing consumers with safer, more nutritious and more convenient food choices.

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