Advancing the Metaverse: Well-Link Tech’s Real-Time Cloud Rendering Solutions for Global Clients

On March 19th, the highly anticipated NVIDIA GTC annual conference returned to the offline stage, with NVIDIA’s founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, unveiling the revolutionary AI chip architecture, BLACKWELL. AI and computational power, emblematic of future capabilities, are driving numerous technology sectors to reach new heights. Capitalizing on the potential of AI, Well-Link Tech, a global company headquartered in Singapore specializing in real-time cloud rendering, is offering cutting-edge technical solutions in real-time rendering to companies worldwide focused on cloud gaming, metaverse events, AI digital humans, and other digital realms.

In 2023, Well-Link Tech garnered recognition from the esteemed Silicon Valley media outlet, The Information, as one of the 50 Most Promising Startups, making it the sole startup in the metaverse industry to feature in the “Asia” list.

Starting with cloud gaming as its foundation, Well-Link Tech has already provided exclusive solutions to top-tier gaming companies like miHoYo, ByteDance, and JP Games. Whether it’s the globally acclaimed “Cloud · Genshin Impact” or the rapidly emerging cloud gaming like “Cloud · Tower of Fantasy” and “Cloud · Crystal of Atlan”, Well-Link Tech’s unique cloud-based gaming solutions have empowered cloud games to gain player accolades for their seamless experiences. Well-Link Tech is rapidly expanding its cloud gaming solutions to more regions in Japan and the United States, ensuring a higher definition, smoother, and more immersive gaming experience for players worldwide.

Moreover, Well-Link Tech has delved deep into XR content creation, high-definition digital human, AI-powered cloud-native game development, and other areas, driving innovation and commercialization.

Currently, Well-Link Tech has reached deep collaborations with leading domestic and international enterprises to propel the development of the cloud gaming industry. In August 2022, Well-Link Tech formed a comprehensive strategic partnership with Microsoft(, accelerating the global expansion of cloud gaming ecosystems. In October 2023, Well-Link Tech partnered with Thailand’s T&B Media Global Group to advance the global commercialization of cloud rendering and metaverse technologies. Additionally, in collaboration with industry-leading companies like Intel and Aethir, Well-Link Tech is expanding its global footprint in cloud gaming services, cloud-native game development, XR game design, and related business sectors.

Looking ahead, Well-Link Tech remains committed to fostering collaborations with global enterprises, leveraging its leading real-time cloud rendering technology to drive digital innovation worldwide.

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