Bernadette Bastorous Unveils the 10 Rules for a Successful Food and Beverage Business

The President and Co-Founder of Qargo Coffee, Bernadette Bastorous sheds light on the Keys to Success in the Food and Beverage Business.

Bernadette Bastorous, the President and Co-Founder of Qargo Coffee, is a well known visionary entrepreneur, who has spent several years in the food and beverage industry as a seasoned professional. Bastorous draws on the experience as the former VP of Product and Vendor Management to provide valuable insights for entrepreneurs. From years of experience, Bastorous presents a comprehensive set of ten essential tips for launching and thriving in a food and beverage venture:

1. Embrace Passion: “The businesses that succeed come from passion,” points out Bastorous. Identifying what’s truly exciting about the industry creates a passion that frees the entrepreneur from the need for constant motivation.

2. Thorough Market Research: Bastorous advises to “Understand your target market deeply.” Identifying trends, preferences, and voids in the industry is key to customizing offers effectively.

3. Unique Value Proposition: Every venture needs a clear and distinctive value proposition that sets it apart from competitors. “Emphasize what sets your products and services apart from the rest” Bastorous suggests.

4. Quality Is Non-Negotiable: “Consistently deliver high-quality products or experience” says Bastorous. “Quality leads to the trust, loyalty of the customers and positive word-of-mouth.”

5. Building a Strong Network: Forging relationships with suppliers, distributors, and partners can provide crucial support and resources. “A strong network is an invaluable asset for your growth and your success” is Bastorous’ mindset.

6. Adaptability Is Key: The food and beverage industry is ever-evolving. This means entrepreneurs need to “stay open to change, adjust [their] strategies, and be willing to innovate” to benefit from market dynamic shifts.

7. Sustainable Practices: “Consumers value sustainability more and more everyday,” Bastorous highlights. Incorporating eco-friendly practices appeals to a constantly-growing, environmentally-conscious audience while taking care of the planet.

8. Marketing Mastery: A strong marketing strategy uses both online and offline channels. Bastorous recommends to “Take advantage of social media, influencers, public relations, content creators and digital fans, and also leverage traditional advertising to reach as many people as possible.”

9. Employee Training and Engagement: “Your team is a very critical resource” is a vital mindset for Bastorous. Provide the necessary training and maintain a good workplace atmosphere to ensure the staff’s satisfaction and top-quality service delivery.

10. Customer Feedback Loop: To “provide means for the customers to send you feedback and listen to the audience” is vital for Bastorous. Feedback is invaluable in making corrections, spotting areas of strength, and earning loyal customers.

“I am a person who has worked her way up in the food and beverage industry, so I know what it takes to be an entrepreneur”, said Bernadette Bastorous. “Opening a business in this sector requires great passion, innovation, and commitment. These ten tips are the essence of a successful food and beverage venture born out of my experiences as the VP of Product & Vendor Management and now President at Qargo Coffee.”

With a deep understanding and amazing story, Bernadette Bastorious is a guiding light for the budding entrepreneurs who want to leave their footprint in the food and beverage industry. The invaluable guidance Bastorous provides acts as a guiding compass for those ready to accept the challenges and also opportunities that await them in this industry.

About Bernadette Bastorous:

Bernadette Bastorous, visionary President and Co- Founder of Qargo Coffee has a relentless passion and commitment for coffee quality. As a former VP of Product and Vendor Management, Bastorous steered the evolution of Qargo Coffee into an epitome of quality in innovation for coffee service and, now as its President, has been able to take this innovation to the next level, bringing Qargo Coffee to thousands of customers nationwide.

About Qargo Coffee:

Qargo Coffee is a pioneering coffee shop brand that seeks to revolutionize the coffee culture, one cup of coffee at a time. Characterized by quality, innovation and a long-standing collaboration with Lavazza, the company has created new standards for coffee enjoyment while bringing the industry to a new height.

About Lavazza:

Lavazza is one of the world leaders for quality in coffee, with its famous premium coffee blends. With a history dating back decades, Lavazza has consistently defined the industry standard of an outstanding cup of coffee.

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