Freedom to Explore: Arkpax Introduces Waterproof IP67 Solar Generator, Powering Yacht Lifestyles Without Limits

Freedom to Explore: Arkpax Introduces Waterproof IP67 Solar Generator, Powering Yacht Lifestyles Without Limits

For boaters and yacht enthusiasts seeking unrestricted freedom on the high seas, Arkpax has unveiled a game-changing new product – the IP67 Waterproof Solar Generator. This rugged portable power station is poised to untether you from the limitations of shore power and electrical hookups.

Constructed to an industry-leading IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, the Arkpax generator defies punishing marine environments with ease. Water, dust, salt spray – nothing can penetrate its armored exterior. Packed within is a massive 1500Wh lithium battery capacity that provides days of continuous power to run essentials like navigation systems, refrigerators, entertainment units and more without interruption.

“We’re taking the yacht lifestyle completely off-grid and empowering boaters with true energy independence,” said one boating community member. “With 1800W of output, I can run my most demanding appliances seamlessly, from pumps and power tools to kitchen appliances. The 11 outlets give me flexibility to power everything simultaneously.”

At the core of this innovative generator lies Arkpax’s MPPT solar charging technology and proprietary BMS 35 battery management system. The MPPT controller ensures optimal solar recharging from the generator’s 500W solar input, while BMS 35 safeguards battery health and longevity up to 10 years.

But the Arkpax IP67 generator’s standout feature is its UPS function – ensuring your electrical supply is never disrupted even when switching between charging sources like solar, shore, or generator power. A mere 2-hour fast AC recharge time also lets you quickly top up the batteries before untying the dock lines again for your next adventure.

Whether cruising across open oceans, sailgating at regattas, or anchoring at remote tropical islands, the Arkpax IP67 Waterproof Solar Generator is redefining unlimited energy for the boating lifestyle. With this power beast aboard, the only limit is your desire to explore. Cut ties with electrical restraints and take your yacht’s power independence to new frontiers.

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