Renowned Food Advocate Hillary Teske Empowers Readers with Her Groundbreaking Cookbook

Renowned Food Advocate Hillary Teske Empowers Readers with Her Groundbreaking Cookbook

In a heartfelt tribute to the transformative power of food, Hillary Teske unveils her eagerly awaited cookbook, ‘Hillary’s Kitchen: Dietary Feeds for Dietary Needs.’ Through a harmonious blend of culinary expertise and compassionate insight, Hillary Teske invites readers on a journey of self-discovery and nourishment.

The author aims to educate and empower individuals facing various health challenges. With a deep-rooted commitment to helping others live their best lives, Hillary Teske shares invaluable knowledge and practical advice to manage illnesses through mindful nutrition.

Her husband, Kenton Teske, played a key role in bringing this unique book to fruition. His contribution, including the inspiration behind the title itself, highlights the collaborative spirit that defines this culinary masterpiece.

Drawing from a wealth of personal experiences and learning, Hillary extends heartfelt appreciation to all who have contributed to her journey, from mentors and educators to friends and family. This book reminds the readers that food transcends mere sustenance; it serves as a source of nourishment for both body and soul. This book encourages readers to cultivate a deeper connection with food, embracing its ability to evoke both emotional and physical well-being.

This book perfectly highlights that ‘food is not solely for surviving.’ It is a reflection of cultural identity, a way of forming a community, and a celebration of life’s simple joys. Through this captivating cookbook, readers are inspired to embark on a journey of self-discovery, one bite at a time.

Hillary’s Kitchen: Dietary Feeds for Dietary Needs’ by Hillary Teske encapsulates the essence of her culinary philosophy. With this book, readers to embark on a transformative culinary adventure where every dish tells a story of resilience, healing, and joy.

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About the Author:

Hillary grew up in the beautiful valley of Grand Junction, Colorado. Growing up, she loved to put her energy into the kitchen and has always had a passion for cooking and experimenting with new recipes. As Hillary grew older, she realized that her love was not only for cooking; she wanted to help people through food and nutrition.

After graduating High School, Hillary attended Johnson & Wales University, Denver Campus. Hillary obtained an Associate in Culinary Arts (2020) and a Bachelor’s in Culinary Nutrition with a minor in Professional Communication (2021). Throughout college, she grew an appreciation for writing and how food helps heal the body. During College, Hillary worked at Denver Health as a food service worker and then as a cook intern.

She was trained in the entire food service and nutrition department and gained experience regarding diet regulations, cooking skills, and leadership. Hillary then completed her nutrition internship at the Eating Recovery Center in Denver, Colorado. Throughout the training, she prepared and cooked meals to precise measurements and plating techniques for the patients.

When Hillary graduated from college, she moved back to Grand Junction and married her love. Hillary started working at Devils Kitchen (Hotel Maverick) as a Line Cook in 2021 and is now the assistant manager in the coffee shop/cafe in the hotel. While working at Devils Kitchen, she developed this educational cookbook. Hillary hopes this book helps educate people about foods and recipes that can help prevent, help heal or help manage an illness in the body.

Hillary is happily married and loves going on adventures with her family while cooking meals for everyone to enjoy. Food is not solely for surviving. Food is embracing who you are and who you want to be while living a long, happy, healthy life. Food heals the body.

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