Nonprofit Leader’s Book Becomes An International Best Seller

Karen Howard, a renowned nonprofit leader and executive of the Organic & Natural Health Association, has achieved an impressive milestone by launching her inaugural book, Upset is Optional: Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Suffering. This compelling publication, available on Amazon, soared to the Best Seller list in the US and internationally, further cementing Howard’s reputation as a health and personal development thought leader.

In her unique book, Upset is Optional, Karen Howard takes you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Inspired by the teachings of the late Bob Duggan, a visionary in health and wellness, Howard reveals how your body can be the key to unlocking inner peace and resilience. Even though the book is not tied to her executive leadership of the Organic & Natural Health Association, the book’s practices can be applied in any setting.

Through engaging stories and practical exercises, readers of Karen Howard’s Upset is Optional discover several practices that help them to live their best lives. They learn the power of conscious breathing to anchor them in the present moment and cultivate a sense of clarity and focus, even amid turmoil. They learn the art of reframing their stories to break free from old patterns and create new possibilities for connection and understanding. Moreover, Howard imparts valuable insights into effective communication strategies that foster harmony and cooperation in the reader’s personal and professional life.

Michael Murray, ND, author of over thirty books with over six million sold, is excited about Howard’s new book. He says that in it, “she provides the valuable tools and insight designed to align your inner rhythm with higher awareness with one major goal: to make your life feel more purposeful, fulfilling, and joyful.”

BSG Publishing CEO Kathy Kaye admires Karen Howard, saying, “I’m incredibly fortunate to collaborate with remarkable authors like Karen Howard. While preparing this book for publication, I learned how words impact our relationships and well-being and how to choose language that heals rather than harms. It is a must-read!”

One Amazon reader has given the book a five-star review, sharing, “I appreciated the clear insights and relatable stories. This is a practical guide that everyone should have on their shelf!”

Get your copy of Upset is Optional: Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Suffering today and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment!

Visit the author’s website,, to watch a video from Karen Howard about Bob Duggan, the book’s inspiration.

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