Emotion Based Mathematics initiates development of more efficient solar energy

Gavriel Dardashti, lead researcher in emotion based mathematics, proposes a more effective approach to utilization of solar energy. Through integration of Albert Einstein’s photoelectric effect with current trends based on electric currents, these mechanism in quantum electrodynamics may offer a revolutionary approach involving absorption of solar energy 

Through the use of natural and renewable energy, individuals will now be able to optimize their use of solar energy. In order to create improved solar energy efficiency, Albert Einstein’s photoelectric effect must be accurately utilized. His theory on the wave frequencies of photons and electrons can be used to explain and replicate the energy flow in a more efficient way. 

Gavriel Dardashti is adapting Einstein’s model of innovative energy efficiency to revolutionize solar energy. Radiation generators will be able to access more natural energy through detecting and counting the wavelengths of light flow. 

This method analyzes data based on current  trends in quantum electrodynamics that account for the electric currents based on photoelectric particles in space. Through careful predictions and ongoing adjustments based on distribution of various outliers utilization of solar energy will dramatically improve in efficiency. A potential catalyst may optimize performance of various predicaments if adjusted correctly. 

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