Trendy Gardener Unveils Damn Bug! Organic Pesticide – A Revolution in Plant Care

In a significant stride towards healthier plant care, Trendy Gardener, the illustrious biophilic design company known for bridging the gap between humans and nature, proudly announces the introduction of its latest innovation, Damn Bug! Organic Pesticide. “Our commitment to eco-friendly solutions has led us to develop this all-natural, 100% organic proprietary blend, offering a formidable solution to the pervasive issue of household pests, all while safeguarding the health of your plants, pets, and family,” expressed Hunter Frescoln, President and Founder of Trendy Gardener.

With a deep understanding of horticultural needs, Damn Bug! Organic Pesticide is meticulously formulated to target a comprehensive range of pests, such as mealybugs, aphids, spider mites, thrips, scale, whiteflies, and fungus gnats, including their larvae which damage foliage. Its superior efficacy not only exceeds traditional methods like neem oil by eliminating offensive smells and the risk of leaf burn in sunlight but also brings an innovative edge with its anti-microbial properties. This positions Damn Bug! as an unparalleled treatment for both fungal and bacterial plant diseases, fostering healthier growth and vibrant plant life.

Prioritizing safety and harmony within the living environment, Trendy Gardener ensures that Damn Bug! Organic Pesticide is completely pet-safe. This product guarantees peace of mind for pet owners, ensuring that cats, dogs, birds, and other cherished pets are not exposed to harm. Moreover, its formulation is infused with a gentle aroma, specifically designed to accommodate those with sensitivities to smells, making it an exemplary choice for indoor applications.

Available at the flagship location at 1905 EP True Pkwy Ste 204, West Des Moines, IA, 50265, Damn Bug! Organic Pesticide exemplifies Trendy Gardener’s unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. This store stands out as Central Iowa’s largest plant shop, offering an oasis for enthusiasts aiming to enrich their environments with unique houseplants, tropical houseplants, and inventive indoor plant design solutions. The array of services extends to customized living walls, vertical gardens, green wall design and installation, complemented by corporate plantscaping, meticulous interior plant maintenance, and versatile plant rental options – a comprehensive suite of services acclaimed by Des Moines Magazine for its innovative biophilic design.

In alignment with the digital era’s conveniences, Damn Bug! Organic Pesticide is also available for purchase online at, Iowa’s premier online destination for plant enthusiasts. This platform simplifies the process of bringing the essence of nature into homes and offices, offering direct shipping for a seamless integration of plant beauty and benefits into personal and professional spaces.

The mission of Trendy Gardener extends far beyond the sale of plants and plant care products. The company is ardently dedicated to educating its clients on the intrinsic value of live plants, highlighting their role in enhancing design aesthetics, purifying air quality, and elevating overall wellness. Damn Bug! Organic Pesticide is a pivotal component of this holistic vision, aimed at cultivating healthier, more dynamic living and working environments that resonate with vibrancy and life.

Embracing Damn Bug! Organic Pesticide means choosing a path of efficacy against plant pests, aligning with a sustainable and health-conscious lifestyle. It is an invitation to join a movement that values the integration of nature into daily living, promoting a deeper connection with the environment. Trendy Gardener warmly invites everyone to visit its store or explore online offerings to discover the transformative power of nature in enhancing spaces and enriching lives with its beauty.

About Trendy Gardener:

Emerging as a beacon in the biophilic design industry, Trendy Gardener has quickly ascended to the forefront in Des Moines, Central Iowa. The company specializes in custom living wall design, interior plantscaping, corporate gifting, exquisite green arrangements, plant rentals, and comprehensive indoor plant maintenance. Boasting the largest plant shop in the region, Trendy Gardener presents an unparalleled selection of unique, trendy, and rare houseplants. Its core mission is to foster a connection between humans and nature, promoting a healthier lifestyle through the integration of live plants into homes and offices. This initiative is aimed at improving air quality, reducing stress, and enhancing the overall well-being of individuals and communities alike.

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