Yisite Mechanical Automation Equipment: Automatic Cartoning Machine For Bottles

cartoning machine 2

The fully automatic cartoning machine has a wide range of applications, a small footprint, reliable performance, and easy operation.

It can be widely used in fully automatic cartoning of various products in chemical, pharmaceutical, salt, food and other industries.

Although the body is small and can be integrated into compact packaging machinery, it can meet all your requirements in terms of reach and payload.

Coupled with motion control and tracking capabilities, the robot of automatic cartoning machine is ideally suited for flexible packaging systems, greatly reducing packaging cycle time.

With extremely high precision and excellent conveyor belt tracking performance, its pick-and-place accuracy is first-class whether operating at a fixed position or operating in motion. Fast, neatly packed and optimized for packaging applications.

Equipped with a full set of auxiliary equipment (from the integrated air and signal system to the material grabber), it can be used with packaging software. The mechanical integration is simple and the programming is very easy.

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We can customized different grippers to match different bottles,cans according to the size,shape,speed requirement and so on

cartoning machine

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