HEGERLS Boosts Manufacturing Transformation With AIoT “Algorithm Defined Hardware” Solutions


With the development of automation, e-commerce and intelligent manufacturing have driven the rapid development and innovation of automated three-dimensional warehouses, giving rise to the concept of “intensive warehousing”. For a physical enterprise, its digital logistics transformation is tending towards “eliminating falsehood and preserving truth”. The enterprise pursues high ROI and real economic value, has a real business demand for cost reduction and efficiency increase, and looks forward to the rapid implementation and real delivery of solutions. The intelligent tray four-way shuttle vehicle (referred to as “four-way vehicle”), which can achieve dense storage and bring better return on investment (ROI), has emerged as a result.


Hebei Woke Metal Products Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Hebei Woke”, independent brand Hai: HEGERLS) has a very clear logistics business positioning, which is to become a provider of new generation logistics products and warehousing solutions. As of now, Hebei Woke has innovative integrated software and hardware products: the AI enabled HEGERLS intelligent logistics operating system; Multiple AI powered robots and intelligent logistics equipment, including self-developed intelligent pallet four-way vehicle system and autonomous mobile robot system. After more than 20 years of development, the sales of intelligent four-way vehicles under the independent brand HEGERLS have reached hundreds, covering various segmented fields such as new energy, food, medical, footwear, automotive, semiconductor, mechanical manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing. The HEGERLS intelligent pallet four-way shuttle is compact and powerful, capable of handling goods ranging from 1 to 1.5 tons. It operates more flexibly and can further save more than 50% of electricity compared to a 10 ton stacker crane. Compared to traditional logistics automation solutions, a flexible body can shuttle between shelves, which not only increases operating speed but also improves warehouse density, especially suitable for cold storage, new energy and other operational scenarios.


Algorithm Defined Hardware Problem Solving AIoT Market However, achieving high-density storage and high traffic in and out simultaneously cannot be achieved without the support of AI technology. The four-way vehicle system relies heavily on software, and for the same 50 vehicles, different software can result in significant differences in their production capacity. Hebei Woke has been committed to combining AI technology with hardware to create intelligent robots and software hardware integrated AIoT systems, and applying these solutions to physical industrial systems such as industry, manufacturing, and logistics, helping industries improve quality, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and maximize the value of AI. The traditional four-way vehicle system is mainly suitable for high-density storage but low traffic in and out scenarios. The HEGERLS robot has undergone intelligent upgrades at both the individual and cluster levels, redefining the application scenarios of four-way vehicles using AI technology, enabling the four-way vehicle system to become a high-density storage and high ROI solution with high traffic in and out. At the single machine level, the HEGERLS four-way vehicle is built on a mature robot platform and has been optimized for every action of lifting, reversing, walking, accelerating, etc., resulting in a significant improvement in operating speed. At the cluster level, the HEGERLS four-way vehicle and the HEGERLS software based on AI technology work together to form a four-way vehicle system, which can achieve super large cluster scheduling, ensure efficient operations, and maximize the flexibility of the four-way vehicle. The traditional four-way vehicle system scheduling strategy is simple, often dividing the dense storage warehouse into several areas, each area using one vehicle for transportation. Once the work flow is large or uneven, the efficiency will be greatly reduced. Hebei Woke utilizes a series of intelligent scheduling algorithms and deep operations optimization strategies, including robot optimal path allocation, efficient multi robot pathfinding, global task coordination, intelligent diagnosis, and anomaly self-healing, to enable efficient collaboration among large-scale four-way vehicle clusters. Finally, Hebei Woke has the ability to commercialize its implementation: it has signed over a hundred projects and collaborated with customers to create multiple industry application benchmarks for “AI+logistics”. And it deeply cultivates key vertical industries, focusing on intelligent warehousing products and solutions in vertical industries such as new energy, medical, footwear, intelligent manufacturing, and food cold chain.

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