It’s Women’s History Month, and According to One Pastor, The Rights of Women Were Established by a Higher Power

It’s Women’s History Month, and According to One Pastor, The Rights of Women Were Established by a Higher Power

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 28, 2024 – As Women’s History Month begins — March was so declared by President Barack Obama in 2011 — one might ponder why it took so long for America to fully celebrate the rights of women. But as it turns out, the first “Women’s Day” was established 102 years earlier, on February 28 of 1909, by the Socialist Party of America, and the celebration later expanded into “Women’s Week.”

Even more surprising might be the words of the late Dr. Pieter Noomen, a psychotherapist and senior minister at three Protestant churches, who counseled those with mental health issues and helped with hospice. According to Dr. Noomen, the equality of women and men was established eons ago by “I AM,” the name spoken to him by an entity that others might call God, Allah, the Heavenly Father, etc.

Actually, “Heavenly Father” wouldn’t be an accurate title, because according to Dr. Noomen, “I AM” is not gender specific.

“Only Love can tell us who we are or are not. Her/His light is in us, as we are made from it. Our person — as every appearance — can radiate it, notwithstanding our inefficiencies,” Dr. Noomen wrote. “The female part in us wants our person to dazzle.”

Dr. Noomen said he had many conversations with “I AM,” and he wrote down much of what he was told. Although he died in 2019, Dr. Noomen left behind copious notes from those conversations, and they remain available for all on his website, — free for anyone to peruse on their own.

Whether one believes Dr. Noomen really spoke to “I AM” or not, the words on his website likely will pique enough interest to engage visitors to explore the myriad subjects and sections, all of which are categorized, and any individual subject can be found via the search bar.

“It is important for us to see that our highest achievement is not a show of perfect harmony in whatever love relationship. This is a branch of the tree of love; it as such can be utterly fulfilling and beautiful,” Dr. Noomen wrote. “Yet, if there is a pinnacle of human glory, it is that within each individual the female and male identities embrace, unite and walk in harmony.”

Dr. Noomen also said “I AM” told him this: “The beauty of the ongoing love affair in every piece and particle of existence is as it were projected on the big screen of universal life. All the different societies, dimensions, shapes and densities have within them the utterly satisfying, invigorating and always embracing duality that causes the universe to be so lively and colorful. I AM is reflected in everything.”

Dr. Noomen fully understood that some of what he wrote might raise eyebrows and doubts, but he also had a sense of humor about it. This is how he explained the “his/her” conundrum:

“Finally, I personally was glad he (“I AM”) addressed an issue that I know some readers of these words will find annoying. It is the use of He/She and Her/His for referring to I AM. He said I would leave behind the need for that unusual but nevertheless correct use when I die; then I would never have to use it again.”

An example of Dr. Noomen’s “Words of Wisdom,” one of the many categories on his website:

“Our body and our mind have quite a love affair going. They never stop interacting. They couldn’t even survive without each other.”

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