Best-Selling Author Prabash Galagedara Debuts His Groundbreaking New Book, ‘AI For the Finance Professionals’

Anyone with a vested interest in fintech can benefit from Galagedara’s practical insights on the present and future of AI in finance

Author and IT expert Prabash Galagedara has announced the official launch of his new book, ‘AI For the Finance Professionals’.

Galagedara is a data, analytics, finance, and tech expert with 20+ years of experience. He recognizes the fast-pace of AI implementation in daily life and is sharing practical insights for the financial industry within the pages of ‘AI For the Finance Professionals’. This new book takes a deep dive into AI and its innermost workings and acknowledges that the innovation of tech has long been an accepted developing facet of modern life.

‘AI For the Finance Professionals’ is an easy-to-read, accessible guide to understanding AI, and Galagedara filled the book with illustrations and case studies demonstrating how AI is impacting various areas of businesses in unimaginable ways.  Case studies of banks, professional firms, telecommunication companies, and multinationals highlight how AI can be used to transform existing businesses. In one case study, Galagedara explains how Amazing Banking Corporation transforms from a legacy bank to a new-aged bank leveraging AI technologies. In the case of Euro Assurance, a global assurance firm, Galagedara explains how AI is transforming audit practices seamlessly.

“Today, ChatGPT is the face of AI,” said Galagedara. “However, the potential capabilities of AI are much more than generative AI. As financial professionals navigate the complexities of AI transformation, understanding AI’s capabilities and ethical considerations is paramount. This book offers a comprehensive overview tailored for finance professionals, equipping them with the knowledge to lead their organisations confidently into the future. The book covers practical case studies, business frameworks and fundamentals, an ideal guide for finance professionals to implement them in the workplace.”

Early reviews for ‘AI For the Finance Professionals’ from industry experts and leaders have been overwhelmingly positive. “His work underscores the transformative power of AI, while also attending to the ethical, practical, and strategic dimensions of its application in finance,’ said Heshana Karuppu, President of the South Asian Federation of Accountants & President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka.

‘AI For the Finance Professionals’ is now available for purchase via Amazon and other online bookstores.


Best-selling author Prabash Galagedara is an industry executive with 20+ years expertise in data and analytics, finance, and tech. 

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