Avihai Hasid Introduces New Children’s Book “Adam The Storyteller”

Avihai Hasid Introduces New Children's Book "Adam The Storyteller"
Kids embark on a magical journey of imagination and tradition in a new book.

Noted author Avihai Hasid is thrilled to announce the launch of his children’s book, “Adam The Storyteller”. This captivating narrative takes young readers on an enchanting adventure filled with imagination, insights, and the timeless tradition of storytelling.

In “Adam The Storyteller,” readers meet Adam, a curious village boy whose days are brightened by the captivating tales woven by the village elder, Mr. Lee. However, when news of Mr. Lee’s retirement spreads, Adam resolves to preserve the essence of his work by embarking on a journey of his own.

Throughout his travels, Adam encounters a diverse array of characters and creatures, each offering valuable insights about the power of narrative, resilience in the face of change, and the importance of cultural heritage. Author Avihai Hasid skillfully integrates these themes into a tale that entertains and enlightens young minds.

Reflecting on his inspiration for the book, Avihai shares, “My aim is to bring joy and positivity to children worldwide. ‘Adam The Storyteller’ is an invitation for children to embrace their unique voices, be proud of themselves and their communities, and share their stories with the world.”

Featuring charming illustrations and a heartwarming storyline, “Adam The Storyteller” promises to captivate young readers and ignite their imaginations. Whether enjoyed at bedtime or during moments of quiet time during the day, this book invites children to explore the wonders of narrative and discover the magic within themselves.

Avihai Hasid’s journey from youth leader to educator has uniquely equipped him to craft narratives that resonate with children of all ages. Through his writing, Avihai continues to entertain and educate, enriching the lives of young readers globally. Join Adam on his enchanting journey as he unlocks the secrets of storytelling and celebrates the limitless possibilities of the imagination. “Adam The Storyteller” encourages children to embrace curiosity and pursue their dreams.

For more information about “Adam The Storyteller” and to order, please visit https://amzn.to/3TYgJGm.

About Avihai Hasid

Avihai Hasid’s passion for education and storytelling blossomed during his formative years where he actively engaged in youth movements and leadership roles. His commitment to inspiring and guiding young minds led him to pursue a career in education, specializing in teaching history to high school students. Now, he is exploring the adventure of becoming a published author.


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