Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Discusses New York’s Property Division Laws in New Article

Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Discusses New York's Property Division Laws in New Article

Manhattan divorce lawyer Richard Roman Shum ( of the Law Office of Richard Roman Shum has recently published an insightful article addressing a common question among couples facing divorce: “Is New York a Community Property State for Divorce?” The article offers a detailed exploration of the state’s approach to property division upon divorce, clarifying that New York adheres to the principle of equitable distribution rather than community property laws.

The legal landscape of divorce in New York can often be complex and daunting. As highlighted by the Manhattan divorce lawyer, the state’s courts divide marital assets under the equitable distribution model, which aims to reach a fair and just division, although not always equal. This system takes multiple factors into account, including each spouse’s income, the length of the marriage, and contributions made during the union.

“The goal is not to split everything down the middle, but to ensure a distribution that is fair and acknowledges the unique circumstances of each marriage,” the Manhattan divorce lawyer explains. “Equitable does not mean equal, and it’s crucial for individuals to have legal guidance to navigate these circumstances.”

The article delves into the history of property division in New York, highlighting the shift from a common law property system to the current framework of equitable distribution. It contrasts New York’s practices with those of community property states where assets are divided 50/50 and discusses how states like Alaska offer couples the option to choose their property division system.

“Understanding the nuances of equitable distribution is key to achieving a resolution that respects the financial and emotional investments made in a marriage,” states Shum. “It’s about more than just dividing assets; it’s about ensuring a fair outcome for both parties.”

The publication also discusses the specifics of asset division in New York divorces. It acknowledges the complexities involved, such as evaluating contributions to the marital property, the financial status of spouses at the time of marriage and divorce, and potential impacts on future financial stability, including the division of retirement benefits as highlighted in the landmark case Majauskas v. Majauskas.

Richard Roman Shum offers a word of caution regarding asset valuation, emphasizing the court’s critical stance on any wasteful dissipation or intentional undervaluing of marital assets. His article underscores the importance of seeking professional legal advice to ensure a fair division of property.

For individuals facing divorce in New York, the article by the Law Office of Richard Roman Shum serves as an essential resource, reflecting the firm’s commitment to providing clear and effective legal counsel. The piece underscores the value of a knowledgeable advocate who can safeguard one’s interests in the midst of a challenging life event.

Those navigating the intricacies of divorce are encouraged to read the full article to better understand their rights and the legal processes involved. The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum remains a steadfast resource for individuals seeking equitable resolutions in their divorce proceedings.

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