Rising Pop Singer Nadia Lando’s Hit Single “Cool Kid” Resonates with Message of Anti-Bullying

This on-the-rise songstress captivates with “Cool Kid” and its viral dance challenge

Nadia Lando, the Los Angeles, California, based American singer-songwriter who recently released “Cool Kid”, has earned fans from around the world with a message that resonates. With more than a quarter million followers on social media and counting, Lando is a singer whose purpose is in her lyrics.

“Cool Kid” promotes anti-bullying and encourages people to embrace their uniqueness and be themselves. Fans around the world are anxious to see Lando perform “Cool Kid” on stage. She recorded it while sick with a cold, lending to the message of empowerment shared in “Cool Kid”. “Never let anything hold you back from accomplishing a goal,” said Lando.

Lando values treating all people with respect, and has mentioned in interviews how others have put her down for continuing to obtain her college education. During high school, Lando enjoyed cheerleading, volleyball, and boxing. She always stood up for the underdogs and those being bullied, and she always disliked the rudeness of the popular crowd. All of this served as powerful inspiration for “Cool Kid”.

“Cool Kid” received positive reactions from fans when it was played on KISS FM.

Lando’s background includes working as a substitute teacher, and she plans to give back by visiting K-12 schools around the U.S. and perform her song to reinforce anti-bullying and the power of staying authentic. Lando will soon hold a PhD. in Psychology, and she uses positive psychology in all her music. She sees this as a way to slowly heal the world.

So far, fans spanning Gen Z to Baby Boomers have expressed their love for “Cool Kid” and the work Lando is doing. She has received support from all corners of the world, including the United States, India, Argentina, and the country of Georgia. Now, Lando’s fans have started a “Cool Kid” dance challenge. Visit her Instagram @nadia_lando to see the latest ‘Cool Kid Dance Challenge’ videos.

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Singer and songwriter Nadia Lando released her first single “Cool Kid” in 2023 and continues to rise to success. Follow Nadia online:

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