This Makes Style: A New Digital Destination for Trend Enthusiasts

April 3, 2024 – A fresh and dynamic platform, This Makes Style, officially launches today, promising to become the go-to source for anyone passionate about staying ahead of the curve in fashion, technology, lifestyle, and culture. Founded by a group of visionary friends who share a fervent enthusiasm for all things trending, This Makes Style aims to not only track the pulse of current trends but to delve deep into their origins, impact, and how they shape our society.

This Makes Style emerges in response to the rapidly changing trend landscape, offering a unique blend of insightful articles, engaging multimedia content, and community-driven discussions. The platform seeks to empower its audience by providing comprehensive analyses, inspirational ideas, and practical advice on incorporating the latest trends into their daily lives.

Unveiling a World of Trends

At its core, This Makes Style is more than just a blog; it’s an interactive community for trendsetters, fashion aficionados, tech enthusiasts, lifestyle mavens, and culture buffs. From the latest runway highlights and tech gadget releases to evolving lifestyle habits and cultural phenomena, This Makes Style covers a broad spectrum of topics with authenticity and flair.

“Our mission is to inspire our readers to explore and embrace the latest trends with confidence,” said Sam Dreyfus, Co-founder of This Makes Style. “We believe that understanding the ‘why’ behind a trend is just as important as the trend itself. Our platform is dedicated to uncovering these stories and sharing them with our community.”

A Platform Built on Diversity and Innovation

This Makes Style stands out for its commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and innovation. The site features a variety of voices and perspectives, ensuring that its content is reflective of the global landscape of trends. With an eye for what’s next, the team behind This Makes Style is always on the lookout for emerging trends and groundbreaking ideas to bring to their readers.

Join the Movement

The launch of This Makes Style is just the beginning. The platform plans to roll out a series of interactive features, including webinars, live Q&A sessions with industry experts, and collaborative projects with brands and creators. Readers are encouraged to become active participants in the This Makes Style community, sharing their insights, stories, and experiences with trends.

“We’re excited to embark on this journey and to build a space where everyone can discover, learn, and express their unique style,” added Dreyfus. “We invite everyone to join us at This Makes Style, where trends are not just followed but lived.”

This Makes Style is now live and accessible to all who wish to stay ahead of the trend curve. Visit us at and follow our journey on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

About This Makes Style

This Makes Style is a digital platform dedicated to exploring the latest trends in fashion, technology, lifestyle, and culture. Founded by a group of friends passionate about the dynamic world of trends, This Makes Style aims to provide insightful, engaging content and a vibrant community for trend enthusiasts worldwide.

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