A.D. Hutchinson’s culinary adventures spill onto the pages of two nonfiction cookery books

Targeting a young audience of 8-12-year-old, his writing style is informative, crafting fantasy adventure action novels that resonate with fans of works like “Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky.” His debut into the fiction world, “Scholar of The Ebony Crown,” has received accolades from prestigious outlets including The Sun and The Daily Express Newspapers in the United Kingdom, marking a significant milestone in his literary career.

Hutchinson’s interests extend beyond the written world. A poet and songwriter, he has achieved acclaim in international music awards, winning first and second prizes in a lyric contest. His foray into songwriting has seen several of his compositions published, marrying his love for music and narrative. Scholar of The Ebony Crown, is available on Amazon from 27 March 2024.

With diplomas in Creative Writing and Hotel and Catering Operations, Advanced Level, under his belt, Alan’s transition from chef to author was as seamless as it was inevitable. Drawing inspiration from his childhood memories and the rich tapestry of his experiences, he began crafting stories for a younger audience. His books, aimed at 8-12-year-olds, are imbued with the spirit of adventure and the thrill of fantasy,

Hutchinson’s diverse path from even before the ranks of a premier chef to celebrated author and songwriter is indicative of the breadth of approaches that can fuel the fires of creativity. His stories, inspired by his childhood memories and experiences, invite young readers into worlds of fantasy and adventure, fostering a love for reading and imagination in the hearts of the next generation.

About The Author:

A. D. Hutchinson’s journey into the world of literature has been an affair as rich and multifaceted as the characters that inhabit his books. Born in the serene, rural location of Saint Catherine, Jamaica he soon embarked on an extraordinary course into the world of culinary arts.

Hutchinson’s biography is more than just a recounting of professional achievements. It is a story of a man who traversed the worlds of culinary arts and literature, blending Flavors and words with equal skill. His life, a blend of culinary and literary accomplishments, serves as a beacon of inspiration,

encouraging us all to explore, create, and dream.

He studied for a period at the renowned Michelin-star rated Mirabelle Restaurant in Mayfair, London, which was the launching pad to a career that he managed to ascend through the kitchens of The Ritz, The Savoy, and Claridge’s. Hutchinson then segued into teaching the fine arts of cooking and baking to young aspiring chefs at a college, a natural landing spot for his creative energies.

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