IAM Love Builders: Spearheading a Revolution to End Divorce Worldwide

Denver, CO, USA – April 5, 2024 – With staggering divorce rates plaguing relationships worldwide, IAM Love Builders is stepping up to the challenge to revolutionize how couples approach marriage and relationships. With a mission to end divorce on a global scale, IAM Love Builders has created a multi-media platform to reach couples at every stage of their relationship. IAM Love Builders, founded by Casper & Cheryl Stockham, equips couples with practical strategies for fostering deeper connections, enhancing communication, and reigniting passion in their relationships. IAM Love Builders is developing the foundation for a future where divorce becomes a relic of the past. Married for 21 years, The Stockhams are experienced leaders demonstrating their commitment to fostering healthy relationships.

In today’s society, where relationships often falter under the weight of modern challenges, IAM Love Builders recognizes the urgent need for change. The prevailing trends of detachment, communication breakdowns, and a lack of emotional intemccy have led to a crisis in our collective understanding of love and commitment. However, IAM Love Builders refuses to accept this status quo as inevitable.

Drawing upon over 15 years of experience and marriage and relationship coaching expertise, IAM Love Builders employs a multifaceted approach to address the root causes of marital discord. By providing couples with the tools, guidance, and support they need to navigate the complexities of modern relationships, IAM Love Builders is empowering individuals to build strong, resilient partnerships that stand the test of time.

Through their streaming television show, workshops, and immersive retreats, IAM Love Builders equips couples with practical strategies for fostering deeper connections, enhancing communication, and reigniting passion in their relationships.

“At IAM Love Builders, we believe that every relationship has the potential to thrive,” says Casper Stockham, Founder and CEO of IAM Love Builders. “By fostering a deeper understanding of love, nurturing emotional intemccy, and cultivating strong communication skills, we empower couples to rewrite their love stories and create lasting happiness together.”

The impact of IAM Love Builders’ work extends far beyond the confines of individual relationships. IAM Love Builders is creating a more harmonious and compassionate society by strengthening the fabric of families and communities. Through strategic partnerships, advocacy efforts, and outreach initiatives, IAM Love Builders is amplifying its message and reaching individuals in every corner of the globe.

As the world deals with the challenges of modern relationships, IAM Love Builders remains steadfast in its commitment to building a future where love triumphs over adversity. With a bold vision and an unwavering dedication to change, IAM Love Builders is leading the charge toward a world free from the pain of divorce.

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About IAM Love Builders

IAM Love Builders is connecting with kingdom ambassadors worldwide. Together with their sponsors and partners, they are building Phases I, II, and III of their vision of developing a “Kingdom Campus” with a Media, Ministry, and Training Center. They are founded by Christian broadcasters, authors, and marriage coaches, Casper and Cheryl Stockham.

For 14 years, Casper served in the U.S. Air Force. For over 30 years, he has conducted personal and professional development seminars and training. Cheryl has 30 years of experience developing training curricula with human resources teams and couples. In April 2004, Cheryl was ordained to prophetic ministry. Casper and Cheryl are trained leaders in “PREP” and “With In Our Reach” workshops. The Stockhams live in Denver, CO with their daughter.

Learn more at www.iamlovebuilders.com.

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