New novel “With Full Intent” by Jon Gaskins is released, a crime thriller of murder, corruption, and discrimination based on true events in the American South of the 1930s

New novel "With Full Intent" by Jon Gaskins is released, a crime thriller of murder, corruption, and discrimination based on true events in the American South of the 1930s

“With Full Intent” by Jon Gaskins has been released worldwide. This 226-page work of historical crime fiction tells the story of a mysterious 1933 quadruple murder in rural Virginia and the ensuing investigation fraught with obstacles. As Deputy Charles Kendricks delves into the case, he encounters a puzzle of family secrets, misinformation, and racial tension that interfere with his pursuit of justice. As more crimes, personal relationships, and shoddy police leadership further muddy the waters, Deputy Kendricks finds himself pulled ever deeper into a twisting conspiracy of death and power.

Based on the true events of an unsolved crime in Southside, Virginia, this thrilling, complex tale paints a portrait of Depression-era politics, family drama, prejudice, and greed, brought to life through compelling characters and detailed descriptions of the investigative process. Realistic dialogue and a constantly unfolding mystery keep the narrative barreling forward, culminating in surprising revelations that offer new insight into the 80-year-old cold case. 

Author Jon Gaskins, a native of Virginia’s Southside region, has worked in law enforcement for over 20 years and brings this expertise into his writing. Readers get a clear portrait of Deputy Kendrick’s struggles, his dogged determination to find the truth, and the toll the case takes on the entire community. With numerous suspects and setbacks at every turn, readers get a front-row seat to the difficulty of police work, exacerbated by the turbulent time period of the 1930s.

Ultimately an inspiring underdog story that shows the power of high standards and unflinching perseverance, this exploration of real-life mystery sheds new light on the people involved and bridges gaps in the original investigation. Offering a new perspective and bringing attention to this shocking violent crime, Gaskins provides a sense of closure through a plausible explanation of who committed the Cannon murders.

Steeped in historical fact and fleshed out with brilliant creative writing, this exciting novel draws readers into a fascinating mosaic of culture and crime punctuated with astonishing twists. 

With Full Intent (ISBN: 9781962987967) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The paperback retails for $18.99, and the ebook retails for $3.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

From the back cover:

“Gaskins delivers a smashing story of Southern noir! In the tobacco fields of 1930s Virginia, novice Deputy Charles Kendricks navigates a web of corruption, racial tensions, and family secrets as he unravels a sinister conspiracy.”
– Cam Torrens, award-winning author of Stable and False Summit

On the eve of April Fool’s Day, 1933, a pair of elderly brothers and their two nephews were murdered in cold blood and robbed at the plantation owned by the two brothers. After the bodies were discovered the next morning by a Black farmhand, local and state investigators allowed much of the evidence to be compromised by failing to secure the crime scene. In With Full Intent, Deputy Kendricks applies modern techniques to his investigation while working to counter racial prejudice and the ineptness of his law enforcement superiors. The case is further compromised when the state’s one witness, the former girlfriend of one of the prime suspects, is murdered. Even Kendricks himself is compromised when he becomes romantically involved with the sister of that same prime suspect. Throughout the investigation, Kendricks works to overcome all the obstacles imposed by others and within himself to bring the perpetrators to justice.

About the author:

Jon Gaskins was born in Southside Virginia and has been in law enforcement for twenty-three years. He has assumed many roles during his career. He is an instructor in several law enforcement disciplines and has written and published police-based ethics articles for a major online law enforcement training forum. With Full Intent is his first novel. 

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