MoldCo Launches Comprehensive Platform to Combat Mold-Related Illness

MoldCo Launches Comprehensive Platform to Combat Mold-Related Illness
Venture-backed MoldCo spearheads the battle against mold-related health issues with innovative solutions and expert guidance.

MoldCo, a pioneering platform dedicated to addressing mold-related illness, has officially launched, offering a comprehensive suite of services to aid individuals in navigating the complexities of mold exposure. Backed by a $3 million seed round from esteemed investors such as SALT, Conscience VC, Boost VC, Starship Ventures, Night Ventures, Moth Fund, Sunflower Fund, Bleu Capital and Behind Genius Ventures, MoldCo stands at the forefront of the fight against mold-related health concerns.

Founded by Ariana Thacker, CEO of MoldCo and Founding Partner of Conscience VC, MoldCo aims to simplify the journey towards healthier living by providing essential resources and support. With alarming statistics revealing that 50% of US homes harbor dampness and mold, MoldCo’s mission is more critical than ever.

Mold-related illness, stems from exposure to biotoxins found in water-damaged buildings. MoldCo recognizes the diverse symptoms associated with mold toxicity, ranging from fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, hormonal changes, sinus issues, muscle cramps, memory issues and mood swings.

Through MoldCo’s platform, individuals gain access to environmental testing, air purifiers, educational resources, and personalized guidance to combat mold-related illnesses effectively. By shedding light on the pervasive issue of mold exposure and its impact on health, MoldCo empowers individuals to reclaim their well-being and create healthier environments.

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MoldCo is a groundbreaking platform committed to tackling mold-related health challenges, providing a holistic approach to address the widespread issue of mold exposure. Founded by CEO Ariana Thacker and supported by significant investment, MoldCo offers essential resources and expert guidance to foster healthier living environments.

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