My COVID-19 Diary: An Autobiographical Journey Through the COVID-19 Pandemic by an American Doctor

Dr. Theresa Y. Wee M.D shares tips on surviving through adversity in her new book, My Covid-19 Diary.

Dr. Theresa Y. Wee M.D.’s ‘My Covid-19 Diary’ is a groundbreaking contribution to medical books and literature in general. An insightful narrative that provides practical advice and spiritual support for navigating challenging times, the book particularly focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic, an event that left a lasting and devastating impact on many.

Surviving Improbable Times 

As the world struggled with forced shutdowns and unprecedented challenges, Dr. Theresa Wee found solace in connecting with others through social media. Drawing from her extensive experience as a pediatrician, wife, and mother, Dr. Wee shares invaluable tips and coping strategies in her daily blogs, particularly reflecting on the profound ways in which faith sustained her, even in the aftermath of her husband’s unexpected passing.

The book offers readers hope, guiding them through adversity with resilience and faith. Each page is infused with inspirational Scriptures and practical tips for persevering in the face of uncertainty. 

About the Author

Dr. Theresa Wee is renowned for her unwavering commitment to improving the health and well-being of her community. As the founder of the non-profit organization ‘Walk with a Doc – Oahu’, she has dedicated herself to promoting healthier lifestyles.  

Speaking to Dr. Wee herself, “During the height of the pandemic, I felt compelled to reach out to others and offer whatever support I could. Writing ‘My Covid-19 Diary’ was a way for me to share not only practical tips but also the spiritual sustenance that helped me through my own journey.”

Through her heartfelt reflections and personal anecdotes, she demonstrates how faith and perseverance can serve as guiding lights, even in the darkest of times.


‘My Covid-19 Diary’ by Dr. Theresa Y. Wee M.D. is meant to be a helping hand through tough times, offering practical tips and spiritual guidance for navigating life’s unexpected challenges. Dr. Wee’s unwavering commitment to health, community, and faith shines through her narrative. 

Through her words, Dr. Wee demonstrates the power of resilience, faith, and compassion, leaving a lasting impact. ‘My Covid-19 Diary’ is available for purchase on Amazon, where it has earned a 4.7 out of 5-star rating. 

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