The Record-Breaking Young Entrepreneur: Matteo Bianco, the 23-Year-Old Millionaire

The Record-Breaking Young Entrepreneur: Matteo Bianco, the 23-Year-Old Millionaire
Matteo Bianco
Meet Matteo Bianco, the 23-year-old millionaire entrepreneur breaking records in Network Marketing. From provincial beginnings to international success, his story is a testament to the power of dedication and the boundless opportunities of the digital era. Follow his journey at

Today, Matteo Bianco is not only engaged in many different sectors but also stands out as the youngest top earner in the field of Network Marketing, the very business from which he started from scratch five years ago.

Matteo was born and raised in Pinerolo, a small town in the province of Turin, Italy, in a humble family of employed workers. Before venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, Matteo had a very common upbringing as a provincial boy, until in September 2018, he decided to start his first online business from scratch, beginning in the Network Marketing sector.

With a team of over 3,000 people of all kinds and ages, Bianco has proven to be a true leader and mentor in his field. Through incredible work ethic, relentless determination, and an unshakeable entrepreneurial spirit, he quickly grew to become a respected public speaker, appearing on more than 150 stages across Italy and abroad. What sets Bianco apart from the sea of people doing online business like him is his ability not only to speak but to maintain a highly respected image not only in his field but in all aspects, doing business not only in Network Marketing but also in other areas, and especially continuing to have a huge work ethic despite his significant economic results and more.

While others in his field merely make many promises, making this sector seem accessible to anyone even without much desire and commitment, Matteo Bianco does not hesitate to emphasize the fact that this world is not for everyone. He is not afraid to publicly assert that desire, commitment, and sacrifice are the foundation of everything. Consequently, he refutes and distances the idea that this can lead to easy earnings.

“To achieve success in business, as in Network Marketing, mere desire or simply dreaming big as many believe is not enough,” says the young entrepreneur. “It requires incessant commitment based on significant growth in every area of one’s life, a deep understanding of the fundamentals of sales and marketing, the ability to build relationships founded on a genuine and real desire to help others achieve their goals, as well as enormous work ethic.”

Bianco’s exceptional results and innovative approach have not gone unnoticed: he has received extensive recognition in the industry, both nationally and internationally, has inspired and helped countless people to start their own entrepreneurial journey, and today he is seen by thousands, both within and outside his field, as a true mentor, a role model, and a guide in life.

Having become the most followed person on social media in his sector in Italy, Bianco continues to climb the entrepreneurial ranks.

His story attests to the power of perseverance and the unlimited potential of the digital age. With his sights set on even higher peaks, the future holds endless possibilities for this young and pioneering entrepreneur.

The success of Matteo Bianco at just 23 years old marks the beginning of a new era, an era where age is no longer a barrier but an opportunity. His remarkable rise through digital marketing and network marketing is inspiring his generation, past generations, and those to come.

Demonstrating that with the right mindset, a commitment to constant learning, and the use of effective strategies, unlimited success awaits at any age, just as one of his most famous mottos suggests: “Don’t wish me good luck, wish me good work. Because I can’t tell you if luck exists or not, but surely if it does, it always kisses those who work the hardest.”

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