Sley Entertainment: Crafting Cinematic Excellence with Sarah Leyshan and Ellen Costa

Sley Entertainment: Crafting Cinematic Excellence with Sarah Leyshan and Ellen Costa

In the realm of film production, Sley Entertainment emerges as a beacon of creative prowess and social impact under the guidance of founders Sarah Leyshan and Ellen Costa. With a mission to deliver impactful narratives of the highest caliber, Sley Entertainment stands as a testament to the dedication and vision of its passionate team.

Sarah Leyshan and Ellen Costa, both esteemed producers in their own right, bring a wealth of experience and creativity to the table. Ellen, in addition to her role as a producer, serves as the creative director, scriptwriter, and director of the critically acclaimed film “Jasmine,” which has garnered attention and nominations at prestigious film festivals.

At the heart of Sley Entertainment’s success lies a commitment to excellence in every aspect of filmmaking. With an eye for detail and a dedication to storytelling, Sarah and Ellen have curated a team of industry professionals who share their passion for creating impactful cinema. Notable among them are Shane Serrano, an award-winning Director of Photography, whose mastery of light and composition brings each frame to life, and Derrick Fong, a seasoned producer and production manager whose expertise ensures seamless execution on every project.

One of Sley Entertainment’s flagship projects, “Haptic,” has garnered multiple nominations and accolades on the international stage, showcasing the team’s ability to tackle complex themes with finesse and authenticity. Building on this success, their latest venture, “Jasmine,” has already received its first award nomination, further solidifying Sley Entertainment’s reputation as a powerhouse in the industry.

Looking ahead, Sley Entertainment has an exciting slate of projects on the horizon. With a focus on amplifying diverse voices and perspectives, the team is set to embark on new ventures in Ireland, with Ellen Costa taking on roles both behind and in front of the camera. Additionally, a documentary series and expose on beauty pageants, featuring Sarah Leyshan and former Miss Guatemala Ana Rodas, promises to shed light on important societal issues.

Furthermore, Sley Entertainment’s collaboration with Salon Films, a renowned production company with over 75 years of experience in the industry, opens up new avenues for creative exploration. This partnership ensures access to resources and expertise that will propel Sley Entertainment’s projects to new heights, solidifying its position as a leader in cinematic excellence.

Last but not least, Sley Entertainment, led by Sarah Leyshan and Ellen Costa, is not merely a production company but a creative force dedicated to shaping the future of cinema. With a steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and social impact, Sley Entertainment continues to captivate audiences and inspire change through the power of storytelling.

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